System of territories

Remove the system of control of territories by companies. Instead, have the faction control the territory and have any player who has wielded a modicum of influence from the opposing faction participate in the wars. Finally, everyone distributes the taxes collected in the territory to those who have won the war by participating in it. To keep companies useful, limit their role to controlling forts by exchanging the bonuses they give for ones more attractive to a company.

Interesting idea but there are several problems with it.

  • people that participate in wars are a selected bunch. They would rake all the profits. I’d be better to have standing based distribution with wars giving massive standing bonus waning over time.
  • players would just choose the faction owning the most profitable town creating massive imbalance.
  • I like using forts for company profits. Maybe capturing the fort giving similar to war standing bonus boosting players on the ladder of tax distribution.

One thing I would change in the Territory system would be limit the declare to those companies with x+ amount of players. It is definitely going to make the smaller companies feel left out but then you wont have shell companies made to avoid getting attacked at the same time by other companies to keep their territory. If a company owns 4 territories, and they are attacked they should priorities the ones they want to keep and say bye to those they just don’t have the numbers for. In the currently system they just have to make new accounts or characters put them in a shell company of 1-5 people and boom they can’t be attacked at the same time anymore so their core 50 PVPers no matter which company they are from can “protect” their territory and thus making it a system where one company can own all the territory on the map without any issues of loosing due to being attacked at once. Personally I don’t like this “work around” you should be able to help other companies but there shouldn’t be one company collecting from all sources just because their 50 PVPers are the ones with Best in Slot and the attackers are just trying to get one territory to try and even out the pvp.

It would be okay if all those groups had enough people to fill in their own war rosters, and take care of their own wars. On the other hand the current system allows companies with low member count to use the full war roster of another company in order to win their fights. In some way there should be some part of the system that will tell groups if you want to keep your territory, fight for yourself.

Better to just completely delete player influence over Settlements.
Solves a lot of issues, closes a lot of exploits.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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