T5 Treasure chest refresh bug

The white archmage’s chest in Corrupt City can be touched in 30 minutes

  • No one noticed the problem

Which chest are you talking about exactly?

Opulence is no longer refreshing monsters here, treasure chests can be opened indefinitely


which world is this happening on?

All the world

They mean which world are you playing on

I’m in the US west

That still isn’t what world you are playing on

What server are you on

The same happens in scorched mines

us west El Dorado

Please go and check it out. It was like that since yesterday. I posted this article and no one paid attention to it.

Ooh if this is true and exploited…

People are opening T5 boxes in these two places now. Didn’t you find that the prices of additives have all dropped?

Nah, I’m from another region, looks like this is only on your server only

Other people on the forums have Posted the same experience. So yea AGS might want to take a look

Looks like there’s a special case to replicate it

Yeah seems like the issue is with some servers only, maybe the servers in the same world set? My server does not have this issue.

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This is happening with all chests on our world AP Southeast (Utopia) and no enemies are spawning in shattered mountain - everyone is just running through and taking all the chests and it’s destroying the economy.