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Hello, My IGN is iDarkstar, I’ve been on the forums since November and I’ve played since pretty much release. I’ve made and read tons of suggestions, designs and predictions.

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Below is a Table of Contents or Forum Index of interesting suggestions, information and player designs that I or another has made that I can find.

Credits to → Walruss for being a godsend enlightening me on how to make drop down menu’s

You can suggest other topics by DM or post here what you would like to see added and I’ll try to keep it as compiled as possible.

I will edit and add as needed.

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July PTR Discussion/Images of PTR (Also condensed TLDR PTR notes section) → Blackxp

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Houses, Furniture and General QoL (Click to Expand)

Housing & Furniture

Quality of Life

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General Systems


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In a previous post I said that it was,
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I lied. This is it. :grin:

Bookmark for safe keeping! I will update, add and remove posts as time progresses until New World is amazing or the servers shut down.


I am currently going through renowned forum junkie topic histories. If you’d like to me to go through yours for additions, let me know!

Here is a list that will grow larger of mentions/appreciations: (Max of 10 mentions allowed per post.


Much more is to be added.

Quick updates on recent mentions:


Looking forward to this, let me know what help I can be @IDarkStar !!!


Just here to signal boost and keep an eye. This kind of resource could be of immense use to our dev peoples.

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What a badass. Nice! Looking forward to it coming together!

Good job bud getting the dropdowns working - Glad to see you got links to work in them as it can be a little tricky using code inside details tags.

I’ll be checking it out to catch topics I may have missed

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Feel free to add my stuff if you wish.

I spend more time kind of trying to bubble the good posts up while helping others with their posts.

I am sure I am looked at with some shade by some in the community lol


The best kinda shade! Obviously.


NGL… I’m digging the forums in the far reaches for posts and the one in General PvP/PvE, first post under, “Both,” is literally my entire position on balancing and is an excellent read.

I remember reading that a while back and loved it. Really good read.

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Xaryu post was absolutely brilliant but Devs haven’t read it really. Those times were pure gold for me. So glad it’s included here


If you find anything worth adding of mine topic-wise feel free. I’m more of a commenter XD

Appreciate the link n sick thread

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Xaryu was right and those who dont know history are doomed to repeat it. AGS tends to overbuff or overnerf stuff instead of making small tweaks. I remember that being the case in October/November time especially with mage and then bruiser changes.

There are loads of examples in gaming industry (not just MMOs) that overbuffing/nerfing is NEVER A GOOD IDEA. Small tweaks whilst maitining the identity of a skill/weapon/whatever is 8 out of 10 times the way to go (the rest being reworks if outdated). Plus of course prioritizng buffs for stuff that is underperforming instead of nerfing S tier first before doing anything else.
More often than not one thing being OP is a result of its counter being shit more than anything else.

Plus of course in one of the recent topics regarding balance someone from the dev team (can’t remember which one exactly) mentioned that they make balancing changes based mostly on data instead of gameplay. Sounds lazy to say the least or signals lack of budget for proper beta testers, gms and scouts.

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I hate to give Riot some shine, but they have figured out their method for buffing and nerfing and the games balance is in the nest state it has been in a long time.

Micro buffs and nerfs spread out over more patches was thier solution.

They do have a massive player base though and they can collect vast amounts of data though to make decisions. So I am sure that plays a part into it as well.

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Very nicely done…20/10 raking, I truly hope AGS and all involved with NW takes notes and runs with it not just scan over.

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Well yea thats the thing, in riot case they can base changes more on data rather than gameplay because data source is vast - large player base. NW is far from it, needs more hands on approach alongside small tweaks.

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Great resource!

Active and updated information consolidation is one of those small things the community can do to help new players.

Now if we could just get AGS to add server specific forums…


I would welcome that, but with server merges still likely, I cant see them doing it till a server baseline is hit.

Sadly, a lot of the brilliant things I’ve read are comments and not topics, lol.

Especially since they have a competitive stage to look at as a DIRECT example rather than the forums.

That’s why I added the last section, content hype. I should add more notable streamers and casts I find. I will in time.

When it comes to balance I constantly think of how Riot does it with league. They are spot on a lot. One patch and they nail it most the time. They also have an easier database to nerf from though with and what not tracking every small analytic.

AGS should naturally improve their stat tracking systems with leaderboards and that will help as well.