Take brute out of OPR

There’s no reason a PvE thing such as brute should be dominating in this game mode.


At least make it where its health does not reset.


atleast half his health and make it so he wont suck u out of a fort

Brute is fine, problem is half the players in OPR don’t know how to stand on a point and would rather play in the road the whole game


Hey while your at it make it so Baron rewards side with most damage done and not who ever sniped it for the last shot. having your score locked when your side killed almost all of it with 12 people for the othere side to get kill credit because a guy with a bow sniped from up on a side wall is lame.


Brute is fine what they need to do is Stop his HP resetting when some troll kites him away. Too easy for Win traders to grief resetting him.


Should remove all PvE elements from OPR, like why have them the flags are enough to fight over.


Halving its health is fine. One time we had brute almost killed and the guy took aggro and ran away with it. Most tilting experience I had in OPR

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Yep! No clue what possesses people to do this and just makes dealing with it more frustrating.

No! Dont nerf Brute Lee :frowning: i like him as a obstacle. just requires a tiny bit of situational awareness. or u just nuke it.

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Please don’t let Brute learn martial arts.

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I think it is perfectly balanced.

Wing Chun


I think part of the issue is that most people just want to roll their faces on Sun instead of countering Brute farms and spawns. By the time they realise it the enemy has multiple Brutes on both gates.

I think a lot of those players are doing it unintentionally. I’ve seen some people step up to the brutes thinking they are tanky chads, then flee like virgins as soon as it swipes half their health off. It would be nice if the health doesn’t reset though.

Personally i think keep the brute just lower its health and make it only last for a certain amount of time.

+1 to health not resetting on Brutes, or any other NPC.

That would increase the feeling of progression as any effort to kill the Brutes/Bears/Ghosts will count, even if only an extra fireball.

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