Take downing out of opr and war

take downing out of these game modes. it makes no sense to have them rarely does anyone get revived lol, 3 sec invul when they fall and kills get stolen. take them out plz so leaderboard kills will get counted correctly


I agree, tired of 3 kills 20 assists because an IG or FS is doing area damage when I get someone down… (not that I get people down to often, I’m not great by any means but its annoying when I can get someone then never get a kill for it)


just remove take down from every pvp content…also in the open world…if ur down there is a 99% chance u die in every single pvp content…so there is no need for that in pvp
change the ranking system / leaderboard in opr and wars
then make a rank system for opr


only makes sense lol

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still in the game and still ruining leaderboards, not one dev has played a competitive game before their leaderboards are ass


I’ve posted this topic, and many other people have. The devs are ignoring it. It legit ruins pvp for me.

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To me it is not awful but it should be removed. It simply does not add anything to the combat.

If it took a bit of damage to finish off someone, then sure, maybe it would matter. But as is, I’ve revived 2 players over many many hours of PvP (In PvE it is handy, can keep it there).


Not only that by why are people I framed for like 2 seconds after I down them…

So many times I’ll knock someone, shoot a second arrow and because they are iframed someone else steals my kill. So much rage lol.

I think if you finish a knocked player the downer should get the kill and the finisher should get the assist.


Or if maybe you could self res.

Yes or at least make the person who downed said person gets credit for kill. Then again I guess that wouldn’t work as they have the chance of being revived…

I guess just get rid of it for OPR/WAR yea.

personal kills should be removed instead, and there should only be a “team kill” stat.

individual stats in games just leads to toxic behavior.

I’m against this I revive people pretty often especially healers getting tapped In OPR

Maybe if the scoring system was better it wouldn’t be so annoying

Haha what? People want to see their skill on screen. Imagine playing cod and saying my TDM team got 100 kills. good try tho


The Devs responded on this topic on one of the posts I made in another thread. Basically they said they’re currently looking into reworking the scoring system so it’s damaged based for dps and capping objectives. I also asked about the killing blow situation and they stated they’ve not responded directly because they’re still waiting for more player feedback. Our best bet is to keep this post alive so it gains more traction!

wow selfish and toxic.

still bad leaderboards

any imput from devs or no?

They can leave it. Just need to make knocks/downs count as kills. Not the literally last hit.

This is my first post on the official forums and it’s just say I %100 agree. This mechanic needs to be removed from PvP completely. If someone is at say 4000HP and I hit them for 5000 dmg that should be a death blow for me.

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gotta love icestorm just stealing all the kills, or all the healers and bows / muskets just waiting to snipe the 3 people you just 100-0