Take the game down, rerelease in half a year

It just wasn’t ready. For context, I have 460 hours, including max watermark across all items. No matter what Amazon games do in the next week or so, a lot of people are going to quit, if they haven’t done so already. PVP is completely ruined across all game modes, with over half the weapon abilities not functioning properly, along with a plethora of item perks being completely busted. As well as a long list of PVE or general gameplay issues piling up, including an obliterated economy system. The game will likely take over a year to correct itself, even with the regular banning of abusers, for the most part the damage is done. Amazon games put themselves into a pretty rough spot, with help from the community. They kept announcing unrealistic release dates, just for the betas to reveal how raw the game is, forcing them to go back on themselves and delay the release. You do this enough times, you’re going to force yourself to release it in fear of community backlash and end up in the situation we are in now. A wipe in any capacity seems futile, as the game’s faults are not going anywhere any time soon. People will just be back at square one, pissed, and now have an understanding of how to use the games “flaws” to navigate the world even easier, likely putting us right back to where we are. The game needs time, it wasn’t ready, it was silly to release as a complete game, not to mention family sharing.

I propose the idea of taking the game down entirely, wipe, and go back into closed testing for at least 5 months, for a release early to mid 2022. Amazon perhaps should be offering refunds to players, regardless of hours, to their discretion. Although this is likely impossible due to the financial implications this will have to the company. But some forms of compensation should be given to players upon re-release, possibly XP boosters, given according to players current levels. Along with a gold compensation or multiple house discounts. This is just an idea that I would like to discuss as it seems in the game’s current state, I don’t see things returning to “normal” in well over a year. A wipe is a good way to permanently deter people, at least this solution allows time for wounds to heal, and to come back to a greatly improved game.


They are not only working on Lost Ark but another project.
If they take the game down, it’ll probably just get canned entirely while it’s not making any more income.
It might even get canned anyway once their in-house project is released.

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