Take This Out Of The Game

Take the blight piles out of the game at the top of Beds Of Ta-Bitjet where the queen is around the 3rd elite chest.
Too many griefers enjoy being total toxic trolls, we are so sick and tired of reporting them.
This is yet another video showing players BadGirlz Rozarie Nandania and JORDANSSS on US East Maramma server using their weapons and blowing the piles up just to knock people off of chests and kill them.
Players also do this on Castle Of Steel and Orofena.
So I am certain other servers have the same issue.
Here is an easy solution, remove the players for griefing, and remove the piles so it doesnt continue to happen there.
Actually address the fact that griefing isnt tolerated, stop turning a blind eye.

I accept your point that the description you have given is inapropriate conduct.

What are you doing to alleviate the issues of blight poisoning?

Strangely, yesterday I was up there trying to find a glyph and survived the harsh blight environment. Incense, acid potions (yes acid) blight potions, extra food etc.

Survivability had dramatically increased to the extent I was the one in the cave that was constantly attacking.

Not that I succeeded in getting my glyph but I had taken the Boss down to his last 2 red bars solo. Oh well there is always today.

Try and find a way to combat the griefers and create a tactic that allows you to carry on within the game. I’m not saying my way works for everyone but it works for me.

I personally use infused blight potions (I have the slightest idea what other players do and do not use as far as combatting the blight)
I am a healer so I heal myself and others the best I can.
The point isn’t to simply ignore it and move on with the game.
The point is for AGS- the devs - someone to actually address and fix the problem, so that this particular problem doesnt exist nor continue

P.S. The glyph from there isnt inside the cave, its actually by itself in the side of the mountain that faces Nomads Shrine.
If you go up the side of it where they go for chest runs, step out and look over the edge at the 1st small chest, you will see a rock ledge, jump down to it, turn around and face the mountainside, and youll see the opening, nothing scary inside, just the glyph.
Hope that helps.

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Woo hoo, thats fantastic news. I am on that right now :slight_smile:

Completed :slight_smile:

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The queen can be solo’d. Not sure why this is an issue when you can just go up alone when a train isn’t there, and either solo her, or just grab the box and reset her like most mobs in the game.

The boss was killed (2 times in fact) because it kept respawning.
And when people went to collect the chest, these idiots (who sit up there and prey on people) go blow the piles up make it near impossible to collect it.
Again, the point is not if it can be solo’d nor is it to ignore these guys and move on.
The point is simply remove the piles from around the chest so that this doesn’t continue.
I have been on other servers with my main, this isnt like its my 1st rodeo.
It happens on other servers as well, its been reported numerous times from these servers.
Just remove the piles around the chest, thats all.
Pretty simple.

I get the beds chests daily, while alone on orofena, and not once has this happened.

If the train is there I just chill let it roll through first.