Taking New World To The NEXT Level

Added in a new passive Seasonal XP source from player XP. Every 10,000 player XP you earn from any activity will now grant you 25 Seasonal XP.

With the latest update on the PTR, there is finally hope for XP having a value at level 60. So here is an opportunity for feedback regarding Player Aptitude Levels (these don’t give the player more power/status) but a way to track and reward the player for “generating XP at level 60”

With the PTR change, every 10k of player XP generated will reward 25 Seasonal XP. But currently there isn’t a way to see this progress on the character. So Let’s fix that (here is a mock up of a possible solution)

In the image you can see your level, and you’d have a tag that represents the XP market for the 10k xp that would reward you 25 Seasonal XP. But this would take you down a track of player aptitude levels, which at the end of it (the image represents 210,000 player experience as an example) hitting a new “level” the player will remain level 60, but you get some rewards just for generating XP… The total amount for this could be any value.

This would allow for tracking the 10k XP, this would allow for the territory rewards for XP increase bonuses to be valuable post level 60, this would act as another (slower) method of progression at level 60

Let’s take it to the next level. Let’s also do the same for Weapons post level 20.

Let’s also add this system for weapon to add more rewards for weapons that the players themselves enjoy using the most.

I don’t think there is enough time to get this in before season 1, but wanted to put this feedback into the backlog if it isn’t already there.
Thanks for your time and consideration. And cheers to the dev team, excited for season 1 here in a few weeks.

Made a video about it to hopefully add some more context: New World: Taken to the NEXT LEVEL | Ginger Prime - YouTube


This is beautiful!!! Please AGS give this to us!!! Just keep the number fun. Let us continue to climb and level up as a flex for our time spent in the game. Not just for seasons either, but permeant level increases. Nothing that resets back to 60 or base at the end of a season, but allow us to continue to earn exp, climb in level, and have something to show for our time in the game. Don’t tie any stats that would increase power, just keep it fun and rewarding.


Weapons should have already been done long ago… They should have had aptitude levels for each weapon that dropped gypsum crates / umbrals for each level.




I think it’s important for everything we do in an MMO to be rewarding, and have some value. This is a fantastic way to encourage players to feel like they can do exactly that, which is whatever they want, and still be rewarded for it, without the fear of being “efficient”.


That’s actually such a good idea. I think unique skins should drop from those crates too.


This is an awesome idea! I was also thinking about how it was such a shame that XP means nothing after you’ve maxed your level. The reward itself should be an exciting thing to get, maybe some umbrals, materials, a couple legendaries, and a recipe for food or furnishings that are weighted toward stuff you’ve not unlocked yet. The amount of reward would depend largely on how quick it would be to complete. I don’t think it should be something people feel compelled to complete for “efficiency” but rather just a nice reward for time spent in the game.

Great idea either way, I would love more ways to see progression past level 60


Amazing suggestion. These ideas would really give us a huge sense of progression. Please forward it to the devs.


Such a great idea. We really need something like this in the game!