Tank Class should get pvp points for tanking!

While doing any pvp events the tank class like sword and shield using the tanking tree should be rewarded points for tanking damage during pvp events. It is a lot of work and effort to do it and while tanking is very difficult to do damage and impossible to do as much damage as other classes.


devs too busy giving a needless bump to damage score which is retarded, revert it back to pre damage buff score and its fine.


You’ll be waiting for awhile.

AGS is in bed with DPS

Mage works around the house so AGS will at least notice them

Support & Tank are beaten, neglected and tossed in the basement.


Cant wait for this stat to be added to the OPR and then people discovering that best tanks are healers not SnS heavy players xD

Tanks in PvP

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