Tank Feedback : how to make more options

This feedback is about making tanking options more viable for the various weapons.


  • Change one of the perks to provide 10% fotify when using an ability. Stacking 3 times.
    This change will help stablize rapier tanking in pve, which is a major drawback to the build for non-experienced players, effectively lowering the skill cap. changing Riposte from rend to fortify could also work


  • Increase the radius of defensive formation to 5m.
    This has massive benefits in both pve and pvp and will significantly help the tank


  • Make against all odds provide fortify if a carn gem is slotted instead of damage.
    Hatchet suffers form tank-supporting options in pve yet has the ability to tank. Some alterations to the builds would help raise it from b tier to a/s tier


  • Increase the duration of perforate fortify by 2-3 seconds.
    There is to low of a duration which causes “gaps” between the buffs causing spear to have an unstable nature in pve tanking

Ice Gauntlet

  • Make windchill taunt when a carn gem is slotted
  • Improve the scaling of ice tombs absorb and make it taunt when detonating
  • make block on “blocking stamina” grant 30% fortify or turn defiant freeze into 20% fortify on icey area’s

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