Tanks and questing at 60

I play a tank and recently hit max level and been trying to get my 580 weapons. As those who did them know, they require you to go to a lot of elite zones and this is where I run into problems which for the life of me, I don’t understand.

I spend a fair bit of time holding up my shield, as I’m not very geared I get hit pretty hard. These quests require you to get items off some of these mini bosses that seems to be designed for 5+ people (maybe less with gear but I’m talking fresh 60s atm) and since I’m a tank I just do less damage.

For context: I’m doing the tower shield quest line

Can someone PLEASE explain to me why I need to kill the same mini boss multiple times to receive the item for my quest. I asked people near me after my second kill of “High Priest Oseguera” for Castling the king and the response I got was “You probably didn’t do enough damage”. I had to kill Iven (in the previous part) 3 times before I got the quest item. Are quest drops honestly based on how much damage you do to a boss? Are quest item drops NOT 100%? This makes no sense, as a tank it’s just harder to meet these underlying requirements when all I thought I had to do was hold threat and hit him in between his attacks but I guess that’s not good enough.

If someone can clarify or help me understand I’d appreciate it so It can help me do my other weapon quest lines.

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I have mostly given up on these 580 weapons. The hammer quest is bugged. The sword quest is buggy (and not even that useful for a tank). I haven’t even touched the shields yet. I think it’s just easier now to mindlessly grind gearscore in Reek\Myrk\elite zone.

Damn, that’s a little depressing to hear. I was gonna do the Hammer one after this too lol.

I figured these quests were like the “starting max level gear” and people did them so they wouldn’t hit like a wet noodle as soon as they hit max level. Similar to like doing Mythic 0’s in WoW (If you played that is).

I guess I’ll see how long I can handle killing elites over and over…

I ran into a couple walls as a solo tank as well. Mainly once you get into the 60+ elite areas you’re going to need a small group at least. I had trouble because if it isn’t myrk\reek I am not able to get a group.

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The gs farm is boring as hell. Once a day find friends or randons, run around looking for chests like a bot, run to another area repeat and wait for 24h. There’s no skill involved, everything can be cheesed… it’s just a mess of Dev’s not knowing how people exploits systems to farm.

It can be solved by lettings us dive into the end game dungeons more often I think.

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Bc AGS half baked every quest and pve content. Just look at how terrible the water mark system us. It is beyond stupid to force people to grind some of th most boring content in ever made in a mmo if they ant to get a GS over 500

Most mmo have a tag system, meaning you must have the tag to receive loot or completion. In wow back in the days it was the first person or grp to attack the target was the sole owner of the reward, in this game you most do enough dmg to claim part of the kill. If you are solo and 2 other full grp are also attacking the mob you will never get the credit since they will probably combine more than 90% of the dmg. If everyone is solo with the same 10 people the tank and healer will be left out because their dmg won’t be sufficient to claim the reward. Best tip is group up its an MMO before and a RPG after.

Other good way is not tanking if you have enough str.


Thanks, I appreciate it.

I didn’t realize this is how it could have worked although I feel like it’s designed this way to prevent being “fed” gear via drops or w/e but having the same limitation on quest items is rather annoying but thanks to all for the feedback, aha.

The game caters exclusively to dps players. If you heal or tank, prepare to get shafted regularly. Scoreboards are based on dps, drops are based on dps, kill credit is based on dps.

As far as the game is concerned your healing and tanking has no measurable value.

This is an MMO. Find a group. You’re a tank. It’s SUPER easy for tanks to find groups anywhere they please.

Also no excuse to have bad gear. Decent gear is super cheap on marketplace.

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Yes, I know. I tank with groups all the time but I play 16 hours a day and have no intention of trying to stay grouped that whole time.

The people stealing my kills are solo … when I’m solo. I tanked a boss mob in the elite zone in Weaver’s for ten minutes straight … then a dps group came up and fought for two minutes and we killed it. I got no loot, no quest credit, I had to wait for respawn and solo it again. They couldn’t have done that without me.

The scoreboards in OPR don’t care that you’re in a group.

I normally tank, most mobs have a “1-2” or “1-3” attack patterns. When I say 1-2 it means the time they swing back compare to my sword light swings. So I use the sword light attack or heavy on that 1-2, or for maximum threat (with a perk) finish 1-3 light attacks with the light sword and raise my shield.

With the tower shield “epic” it is easier to tank almost any mob. You can even solo Carmine Elite Gate (the one with the big sword) easy.

The way to beat Maw the one in Great Cleavage is to have at least 2 parties or very high GS spamming heavy attacks. Have him kneel down before he bullrush a player randomly and forcing a reset.

There are some pretty nice 550’ish pieces on the auction house regularly that sell for like 30 gold each. The gold value starts to scale pretty hard past that point, and a nicely rolled piece of tank gear at 600 sells incredibly well. So… just buy some gear to start. I have no problem tanking and can solo (albeit slowly) as a tank, just fine.

The weavers fen boss is a poor comparison cause his hit box is just complete trash. Whoever let giant NPC’s have a hit box that let you whiff at point blank that much should be ashamed of themselves.

You can also, always, have a second set of gear (since its so cheap anyways) and respec to DPS and do things that way. 200 gold stings a bit, but its not as bad as it was and you can make 200 gold in about 15 minutes.

Bad game design.

There’s your clarification

You need to do minimum 15% damage of the targets hp to get credit for the kill. That’s exactly the same for the entire group though, so there’s literally no reason to not group up if you’re not alone killing the boss. Tanks are healers are builds made for group play not solo in the first place anyway. Also, the more groups kill the same target, the higher the chance it will drop nothing at all. Every solo player on the target is considered as a separate group, so really if you’re not grouping up - you’re doing it wrong. Reducing the number of separate groups on a kill both increases your chances of getting credit for the kill and reduces the chances of getting no loot. Ideally, you’d want to be doing those elite quests a single group.

Piss poor game design favoring one particular build style. There’s no justification for it. The person who makes the first hit should always get credit for the kill at a minimum.

Nah, that’s good design. Prevents leeching to some extent (at least you need to be accepted to a group to effectively leech). And it forces you to do what you should be doing anyway - group up. Group content is not designed to be tackled by 5 solos, it’s made for a single group of 5.

No just no. Lol. That’s terrible. I can already imagine a bot (or just the “pro” leecher) going through the map and tagging everything Xd.

If you cant even even take 15% of target’s health, then you’re clearly trying to tackle content waaay out of your league.

As a mostly solo healer I stick to zones below lvl 50 and just buy stuff I need from trade posts. I farm zones where I can do enough damage and earn some coin fishing and cooking (though I lose it buying recipies). Rarely I join elite farming group to get better processing mats from chests, but I gave up on farming endgame gear myself, there is too much rng, and it is getting cheaper on trade post every day as more people farm their watermark and get drops they have no use for.