Tanks need more recognition

I can’t get into wars on my server any more simply because I’m a sword and shield main and get absolutely no recognition in wars. There is no way to gauge who a good and bad tank is beyond duels where I regularly beat all but the best DPS players on my server. But since I sit at the bottom of the leaderboards in our company wars and OPRs I can not get into wars for the life of me. Tanks need recognition on scoreboards for something like damage taken, damage blocked, damage mitigated, cc applied, time on point, literally anything that a tank can do, because right now it feels pointless to be anything but DPS or healer if you want any sort of recognition on your server.

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Buddy we frontline healers don’t get any kind of recognition for what we do simply because we’re not flapping glass wings in light armor. Contribution is unfortunately most likely going to remain a numbers game.

Tanks are recognized though! Frontline healers will always be with ya through fire n ash regardless where on the scoreboard you are.

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