Tanks should have "Damage Taken" be scored in OPR/Wars

Yeah, I’m posting another because after tanking for OPR and helping my team in many situations and then being told to “contribute to earn rewards” doesn’t feel so great.



Tanks dont exist in New WOrld PVP. There is absolutely no reason to be a tank in any PVP scenario. I know, I tried it off and on for months. Its a waste of space. A light roller with a rapier can destroy a 16k tank in 2-3 hits.


Then perhaps that needs to change.


Couldn’t agree more. But tell that to the AGS Devs. In “other” MMOS as a tank in pvp, I carried flags, held bases, peeled off healers, harassed enemy healers and it took at least 4-5 dps to take me down. In New World I’m a waste of a slot.

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Wouldn’t be representative of anything for 90% of OPR matches. The people that would score higher on that would be the ones living the longest, aka the bows/muskets in the back sitting next to the healer, and not the “tanks” getting 2shot by a spear or a stray musket shot to the head


How about rewarding much more points for capturing and SPENDING TIME ON ACTUAL POINT? OPR rewards points for fighting when it is not even the main objective lmao


Disagree - while it can be something displayed taken damage rather than mitigating, blocking, avoiding shouldn’t be “rewarded” unless trading imo, which is already rewarded in damage dealt/points secured.

The biggest issue holding “tanks” back is that heavy armour (movement, iframe) is a meme compared to light/medium. The devs have made some token gesture on PTR but this needs to go much further.

Agreed. Damage done and taken should be large factors but I think time capturing point should be largest factor.

This is a great idea. I’m not a tank but I would love to see more of them. It’s hilarious when they sit in the doorways with pocket healers. It leads to more strategy imo

Maybe instead of “damage taken” it can be “time spent on point” or other metrics

Ooooh, how about this one. “Number of times hit with arrows” xD


They should change OPR scoring forumla.

  1. Give points for damage taken.
  2. Above each Fort there is a light red/blue, but when both teams are on the Fort capturing area will appear both lights blue and red. Points should be given all the time when there are at least 1 player from each side inside Fort on capturing area.
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You are not playing it the right way.

OK then please share, how do you play a “tank” in OPR. And I’m not talking about a bruiser spec.

You don’t.

The idea of a tank in OPR is silly. What you gonna stand there and block bullets at the gate or something?

If they made scoring be applied to “damage blocked” then all the bots would just put on a tower shield and tape down their RMB for 40 minutes and do nothing usefull.

The sad truth for all you tanks out there is that a pure “TANK” is totally useless in pvp. If you want to be an OPR tank then get a BB and a warhammer or a shield and warhammer but CC and clump survivability is how you tank. Not standing there holding down your block button.


A fully upgraded door and an NPC guarding it will be of better use than a tank any day to defend one of the sites.

Rather than someway making tank scoring count, I think they should much rather just focus on getting extra loadouts in ASAP so us tanks can just put on another loadout and hopefully combined with other spec in the switch as well.

Till then us tanks are just in OPR for the lulz of dragging our team down only to get our daily gypsum.

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In an ideal world scoring in wars and OPR should be alot more weighted towards capping or contesting zones. This is what is important to win and should be scored accordingly IMO.

Tanks in pvp are a nuisance and the skill floor is pretty much at the ceiling at all times. Why should you get points for being an idiot eating hits?

The main role to a tank is to protect other players with the Shield buff (30%), mainly inside clumps that generate a lot of damage to your allies, you need to follow the bruiser and have as secondary weapon a VG to debuff the healing.

Shield Rush is very useful to you and your allies, it apply stagger + weakened. If you have the perk, it will increase your fortify + the heal received.

Shield the door is very effective and make entering very hard.

Tanks are support class, they dont have a very active role to the fight.

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problem is how the Contribution system in generally is flawed. It punishes players that dont do super damage to enemies, not just the AFK players it was meant to deal with.