Tanks? SnS Defender Tree?

So let me get this straight…
You indirectly nerf Tanks with 200Con change but offer no compensation for 300+ users?
Every other weapon is getting balanced but SnS side for Tanking is just overlooked ig?
What’s been done for SnS
You retain the 15/16 attribute points you previously lost, great.
You get the shield perks on the other weapon, swell until fixed ig.
But what about Tanks crying for more utility, value??
Where’s balancing for us?
Why do you put down PvP Tanking so much.
There’s an outcry, will we again be told we’re working on it.
When will our time come?
We don’t want to be Meta
But at least let more than 3 of us be selected for War
If any…
Come on
Do something


Tanks do matter right @Malva ?

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  • Reduced the Physical Armor increase from the 200 Constitution Attribute Bonus, from 20% → 10%.

When I read that, I thought it was a joke. People on here complaining about how the tank fantasy in this game is so underwhelming and their weak and useless in general. So AGS’s response is to nerf them more, with no buff compensation at all…


You missed the other issues…

The main single target tank heal used by every expedition healer got nerfed to include a 1s cast time and now only is enhanced by 10% for each buff we have instead of 20%.

I still need to test this but I’m afraid that this also applies to self healing such as potions, life stealing, leeching, and weapon heals. This MAY be a lot more sweeping that it looks at face value. We need ot test the heck out of this on PTR.

IF this interacts this pretty much ends leech tank builds. No more heavy rapier leech builds if you take away 10% armor, 30% of the self heal, and nerf incoming tank heals.



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Nerf is good because most of the builds go for 200 con making it almost mandatory to go for that buff. I suggest that the extra armor should be pushed to higher con thresholds like 250-300 so TANKS get the bonus but not every other person.

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should of just switched the 200 and 300.


Totally agree but they didnt. Imo they should at 5% to 250, 5% to 300 and still need to fix the 300 perk whick sucks and address grit.

Thats not a horrible idea. I do think if they push us to con forcefully which i feel is the intent we need threat changes to compensate for the damage loss.

Possibly something baked into the defender line that generates threat based on damage blocked.

I’ve been trying to get the devs to acknowledge that tanks need some love but they never respond

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it was the easiest fix as it would be impossible to get STR GRIT


at 200 freedom perk would be fairly useful even to a bruiser even if its an overall nerf to them without touching tanks.

ALOT of pve tanks rank 300 str / 200 con. Yes seems absurd for damage but was necessary for grit and threat. It would of still been a nerf.

Im going to be on ptr tonight. I gotta figure out if this change affects lifestealing and leeching being in heavy. 30% healing lose on those is going to be big.

didnt even consider the self heals frick.

Easy fixes, but who knows if they will ever do it.

10% more phys armor and 10% elemental at 300 con and give grit.

If you are sacrificing damage you really need to gain more than just blanket health. An extra 1-2k hp is the difference between 1-2 swings of damage at the cost of all of your damage. There is little logic tank balance right now.

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One thing that may have been overlooked is that with this change in the 200 con passive, in addition to losing armor, we also lose HP, since armor affects the efficiency of the 100 con passive

The nerf is good, the problem is that they should also give some buffs for those investing in 250/300 const

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Absolutely agree

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Yep agree those going 300 Con should get something as useful as 300 Str

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