Tanks suck in this game

Chained CC stuns make tanks and everyone else useless except the light armor Rollie pollies.


This has been a long time discussed matter.
For PvE it’s perfect but… for PvP it has a lot of shortcomings.
You’re forced to always be at the bottom of the leaderboard, made fun of in the OPR and such.
To say that its unrewarading would be a understatement.
SnS offers quite little value in Wars, with long animation for Defiant Stance, getting your block broken in 2 heavy attacks from a heavy attack Ga or Wh, not so valuable passive becomes even worse, no grit or CC resistance and so on.
Your secondary is the primary output of utility.
Vg for the buff removal and empower, with the next patch healing will be minimal.
Ig for the CC and entombed survivability.
WH being a better version of SnS, more CC and self heal.
With a reduction to armor its gonna be even worse.
And Con attribute perks past 200 are abismal.
Never worth it compared to Str and such.
Tanking doesn’t seem to be encouraged in PvP, its always better to be a bruiser/dps.
Its quite saddening to be a PvP Tank in this game.
CM’s have gotten plenty of feedback on this matter but things don’t seem to be looking good.
Even with the upcoming changes to blocking heavy attacks and 150str perk.
There’s a underlining problem.
SnS Defender Tree and Con past 200…
All these things have made me quit PvP tanking because it’s just not fun compared to in other games.
This problem is greatly apparent because there’s very little of Tanks, currently the best role to be playing if you want free expedition runs.
@Malva wish to add anything?


That was an articulate response and thank you for taking your time in sharing that.

I do believe things will work out when 3v3’s drop and ranking in dungeons definitely works. OPR and Wars is an absolute mess and severely needs to be given another look.

What annoys me the most as a tank is how light armor GA users can roll in and has the immunities to render my CC abilities useless and have them kill the squishiest next to me and then roll away as if some immersion breaking perimeters.

This game is so frustrating because they’re like a few tweaks away in PvP to making it great but the pendulum is swinging too far to one side which will eventually swing too far to the other wrong side. They seriously need to figure this game out.

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Absolutely agree with what you said about them rolling in past me, 0 to 100 someone and roll away while 4 ppl chase them…

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It’s so ridiculous that it’s hilarious to see it every time. I’m certain the devs saw it happen and immediately thought “yeah, that’s not how that should work” while getting pummeled as a heavy full con with only two dashes. At least I hope they play their own game and see that as a problem.

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Heavy armor usage in PTR surprised me, wonder how many people go above 215 Con for PvP

On PTR forum only 14% players are in heavy load in PVP.

Then they give us these rewards for heavies. As if AGS just wanted the 14% to turn into 0% and be done with it.

I got some light gear and now roll around, believe me, life is better that way than persisting playing heavy in this game, we got no love.

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Aenwyn is a mod but Malva is a user. Why are you pinging him/her or am I missing something?

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Pinging a mod to hopefully bring her attention to this.
And I’m pinging Malva to check if i missed anything because I’m pretty sure he knows all the Tank posts by heart and he has a pretty stong opinion on this matter as well haha.

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no, you were accurate in your comment <3

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Can’t agree more. Currently we have 0 tanks in our gild for pvp, we all just rerolled to other more useful builds

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this is absolute garbage wtf

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Yeah except that it looks cool. Stat wise better to just stick to voidbent or something. Since refreshing ward doesn’t prock from blocking it’s pretty useless imo. Not that you’ll be blocking much since your block is as strong as a piece of toilet paper.

I call them 600 blue items, bc only 1 good perk

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Should we have a hatred meter for players? Force frenzied aggro?

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Support/debuff Tanks have a place on the front line for sure.

For example,
315 con, Sword/Spear 100 str 100 dex. or 50 str/150 dex
16k+ hp. 2k+ Phys/Mag armor
Strike protection, Health, Divine on amulet, Slash protection/sturdy on shield
Hearty/Keen on ring,
Fort perforate
Refreshing Ward + Resil on armor
If gem correct, 20% Strike, 20% slash, 15% pierce, and 12% fire protection.

You can get 30% fort/rend form spear on a sub 10Sec cd. And 50% fort from sword.
Spear can stack %dmg like no other weapon making up for low offensive stats. (30% Exploit weakness, 20% Follow Through, 20% Unerring Precision. That is +70% extra dmg when conditions met on top of 30% rend) You can hold your own in 1v1, and excel in GvG combat.
Use shield to get on the point, and use spear to help clear it.
Let the Hammer/GA Set up kills on front line, and then you debuff the piles.
Don’t bother with Chasing LA, just block Bow/FS/IG/Musket, and focus on keeping/taking points by weakening their front line.

This is a point-man build and you don’t need more than one or 2 per point in war/opr.
Having some of these debuff tank roles really makes a difference.

These builds will never show up on the meters or score boards, but they allow for your group to secure many more kills than not having them.

Effective Tanks in NW don’t run into a group of 5 and try to live as long as possible, they help secure kills/claim objectives. They make your dps players more effective.
(support + survivability)

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I ran SnS and Spear and i lasted barely two minutes full con and heavy armor. I decided to goof around as fire/ice mage in light armor and I’m barely touched…

Im way more useful throwing ice shower than I am being a meat shield. This game is a mess.

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Someone gets it. Lol. Paladin builds are being played wrong.


Your build will 100% out kill and out dmg a support tank. Iceshower and entomb are amazing utility for sure!

However, Take this scenario,
You get an ice wall off, And a support tank is there. They grav-well the support tank, (an easier target to land grav-well on) The support tank gets a 30% rend off and keeps on surviving after face tanking the grav-well. Mean while, you’re doing 30% more dmg, they are slowed, and not pressuring you at all. You can free cast/dps, and they just melt. easy kills.

Take the other situation,
No support tank: You ice wall, They grav well you, you dash out, your ice wall fades, you did no little to no dmg as you were trying to live (maybe casting in-between dodges) maybe you even have to use entomb, you are not doing dmg and they are running all over cause ice wall is over and on CD. Even if you manage to kill them all, the kills take longer and are way more difficult to secure.

Support tank’s role is not to show up on the meters or get kills, but to make your life (the dps) easer by allowing you to do what you do, DPS!

GA/WH 200 con Brawlers can fill this role as well, but not many brawlers can face tank a grav well and easily live Without Heals. and most of the time they only give a 10% rend.

Do you want a full team of support tanks, no. Do you want 1-2 on your team? 100% yes.


spear is a really cool weapon, however all of this can be done in AOE, similarly with the WH.

We have several support tank builds, the main one on my server is SS and VG, but that’s not the point.

What we’re talking about is that, we can’t really be tanks in this game. In addition to our challenge having a 50% cap on fortify, our buffs last very little and have very long cds. We need a rework on tanks and their passives, it would be amazing to have a passive that allows us to overcome the 50% fortify cap (70-80%), it would be great if we could really control the battlefield with our skills, but we couldn’t do this, because sword is a very weak weapon and CON is unrewarding.

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