Targetable Downgrades and Infographic for Town Upkeep Expenditures

It would stand to reason that the Governing body of a Town should be able to target downgrades to avoid incurring unnecessary costs, as well as the implementation of an infographic to know how much a particular bench is costing you. Absent of this, as I have seen in many posts from Governors who are finding it impossible to keep up with Town Upgrades, people who are merely trying to provide the best possible situation for their population are suffering for all their efforts. Counting on an invasion or defaulting on a town to make the necessary downgrades is just unfeasible. Further more, I personally believe that the Cost to make such a high Tier bench (5,000 for Tier 4, 10,000 for tier 5) with the guarantee that it will be lost in an unwinnable invasion ( As you can’t choose who enters the war and people regularly sabotage the invasion) is just down right absurd. Absent a Town Storehouse (Because a town having a warehouse only makes sense) to organize crafting operations to subsidize the cost, a ledger to know who is contributing and where the money has gone, the economics of running a town are just impossible if you are a low population Town which is pretty much every town aside from Everfall and Windsward. Please listen to your most dedicated players who have invested the most into this game. Fix these issues so Companies who have worked hard can prosper.

If a company can’t handle a settlement, they should step down. There’s a competition after all.

Thanks for the troll comment of someone who is vastly uninformed about the current broken mechanics of the game, as highlighted by the developers own posts addressing the centralization problem.

And also, my post was talking about implementing Town Governing tools. Next you’ll tell me the permissions systems are without flaw.

the permissions systems are without flaw.

Thanks for outing yourself as an obvious troll, as you clearly were from the start.

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