Targeting system (for aoe spells)

I think it would make things a lot more fun and better gameplay if players were able to use an aoe spell and use their mouse to place said spell, as a healer trying to throw a sacred ground down and having to use my camera view to place it is such a pain, why not be able to use my mouse and place it exactly where I want it.

Just started a post myself…
casting spell

moving it out a distance

even side stepping is not helpful and uphill I just have to run away so I can hit anything


I’m playing caster ( fire staff/ice ) i approuve this, its impossible to really where ur target is, and for me the big problem for a caster its when u are doing a big fight, with a lot of friends, i see only friend name and i cant see any enemy.

Sometime ive enemy near to me without red color … i need to put my mouse on him to know it… u cant be good in aim with this shit

we need an option to adjust our camera without moving the crosshair. As an healer I can’t see anything at all cause of the camera position

I am going to play ESO more than NW till the game is more playable. I am not a fanboy of one game, but I have to take New world in small bits or I get triggered by being murdered by a skeleton 4 levels below me. The game seems melee biased. Had to go level gathering to make a staff… something that should be a choice at the start I think.

It is 99.9% a melee game. There’s way too much focus on survivability for it to truly be fun. Wait until you see the level 60 content. It’s horrible. You cant solo anything.

It’s a shame.

it is, any mob can drop firestaff

You have to kill it first. Right now all mage spells aren’t working 90% of the time.

bruh what? you literally start with a sword and shield, I got a fire staff when I was like lvl 2. And only pillar of fire isn’t working sometimes, lol. Fire ball doesnt reg body sometimes, but shoot it at the ground instead.

Try again. As I said, 90% of all mage spells are not working. You’ll land a pillar of fire or incinerate, but wont land another for a half hour.

Edit: Who said anything about starting or sword and board?

I’m not sure why you’re even replying to me. He was complaining that fire staff doesn’t drop at the start of the game and it does.

Maybe as a chance drop… didn’t get one till lvl 11 and i made it. Should be a loot chest w each class weapon or a weapon rack in start area. Pixels are cheap… just sayin

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