Tartarus crashed

Tartarus just crashed.


Aaru aswell

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tir na nog same


Just GG AGS, 2500 Slots, best decision ever

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Thats not the case. None of the server was full


What is not the case? 2500 Slots, sure all of them have 2500 slots.
If your question is if the server was full, yes we had about 100 people in queue.

On Dry Tree , we had 150/40 OPR queued LOL . And we can’t do expedition , invasion , wars …etc

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the New World forum for the new ones and thanks for the report to all of you, indeed there was a maintenance placed however this has been solved several hours ago.

For future references you can check the News section of the forum where everything is updated in real time whenever this things happen, you can see it here: Official News - New World Forums

Thanks @HerrWallsener for sharing the news post related to this.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


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