[Tartarus] We cant run dungeons since 3h

Dungeons on Tartarus EU are bugged since nearly 3 hours. Happened twice today that people within Dungeons got “Lag Detected” and everybody was kicked out to main menu (we got the keys back every time, no loss here)

But since the second dungeon crash, noone on Tartarus is able to start ANY Dungeon. Lots of people, including me, tried every single dungeon from level 20 to 60 - doesnt matter if it is Lazarus (current Mutation) or anything else. You cant start up a dungeon.

Guess Tartarus needs a restart.

Thank you for the report! We are currently working on resolving this for Tartarus. Expeditions and OPR will be temporarily unavailable at 2022-01-26T02:00:00Z for a restart.

This happened on YS server as well. Could y’all do a quick fix or restart for that server? Nobody can currently do Lazarus on the server since the server lagged earlier today and kicked everyone out of the dungeon.

Its also happened on Themiscyra and we havnt been able to do dungeons for hours, please reset it as well :slight_smile:

From my understanding, we are taking this one at a time to ensure that it resolves the issue. Please be patient while the team works through this first one.

Hope you’re not forgetting fixing the chests, as it was already reported on PTR yet you rolled out the patch with that exact same bug - patch is literally all about dungeons…

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We aren’t. The team is aware that chests are not providing the expected gear but please keep this thread on-topic.

can you update this thread after the restart? so we on Themiscyra and such know if we can expect a fix soon?

Please include Themiscrya (US East) in your next restart :grinning:smile:


We have performed a restart of the instance server connection for Tartarus. Please let us know if you continue to experience problems accessing expeditions.

We are continuing our investigations with the remainder of the worlds listed above.

Thank you for your patience!

Please do Cibola (IS East). Been dow for 2 hours.

Thank you. I should say different from op, we can do genesis and other dungeons on YS but laz won’t work for regular and mutations. Game does the same error, takes the orb and times out, we can’t teleport anywhere in the game and if we relog we get the orb back.

Expeditions and OPR will be temporarily unavailable at 2022-01-26T03:00:00Z for a restart on Themiscyra, Ys, and Cibola. Thank you for your patience!

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Can you please do the same for the servers mentioned in this thread?

Themiscyra Laz server down - Bug Reports / Bug Reports - New World Forums

Themiscyra and Ys cannot run Lazarus as well.


We have successfully performed a restart of the instance server connection for Themiscyra, Ys, and Cibola worlds, as well. Expeditions and other instanced content should be accessible once again.

Once more, thank you for your patience!

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Frislandia is also having this issue.

PTR isn’t for fixing bugs, it’s a hype machine only

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