Taunt-aggro mark for tanks

I’m a PVE full Tank and i really enjoy the game… but we need a more accurate way to tell when we hold aggro besides “taunting” icon cause after taunt there’s no way to tell that the mobs are still with us…


I agree, they could make the icon easier to see, or some mark around the healthbar, to indicate whether u have aggro or not.

The sooner you guys realize that this is not a tank/heal/dd MMO the better. No one needs tanks. It is just an option, a way you can play the game if you like doing that.

If you do that and have the 400% more threat gem, then you won’t need any aggro indicators, because you can’t possibly not have aggro anymore. The only way for a tank to not have threat with high gear is to have a disconnect.

you sir obviously haven’t done many expeditions.


i got 400% aggro plus 9.3% from shield passive but still there’s no way tell then i’m holding aggro… i’m just asking for a better life exp gameplay feature.
don’t be so hater bro… what i’m asking is just common sense stuff.

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I actually did, with and without tanks. Turned out tanks make everything more difficult, but then also makes brains on DPS players optional. So it really depends on who you take to your dungeon. If you take the generic braindead random player, then yes tank feels like a must. If you take experienced players that know how to avoid, then a tank is a bad dps that no one needs.

And I absolutely love that. I love the fact that these dungeons are balanced for 4 dps + 1 heal, so you don’t have to look for a tank for hours like in many other games.

i agree but even on markmens would be great to see it… to kite better

if you see the aggro bar you will be able to do better rotations and kite

Mobs that are aggroed on you have a red outline around their HP bars

No need to thank me

i know just need to be more visible bro for the whole party…

I mean, we already have the de-buff icon above them initially, so we know if the spell landed at least.
And we can always stay aware of our surroundings and adjust as required.

I don’t know if it needs to be too easy. And yes I have done a lot of GA + S&B tanking, sure some get loose now and again, but I just go and grab um, and try to reposition so the dd’s are in heals facing their backs. There is actually so little to it, making it too easy, might make it boring fast.

it won’t cause the tanking mechanics on this game are completely different from other game… and i love it.

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