Tax System needs reworked

Greetings all,

I believe AGS should look into reworking the tax systems. On a fully populated server I’m sure the current state is functioning as intended. However, when you come down to a medium server I’m sure the same system becomes a little wonky. Then when you finally reach a low server it is unsustainable.

Currently I am on Babilary, Purple owns the entire map. There was a mass exodus once Asmongold left and when Windsward/Everfall fell to the Syndicate. The Covenant was virtually non-existant and this server was ran by Marauders. We’re actually giving away places and letting others go because the upkeep is impossible to maintain.

My company owns Everfall as well and it is impossible to maintain several T5 stations. There is just not enough revenue coming into the town, because the player base isn’t there. On top of invasions coming through and wiping out X amount of stations pretty frequently as well, it will never get any better. Considering invasions are nearly impossible to beat, so things will always be downgrading.

And its not like people are going to be transferring to these servers.

Unfortunately the Low/Medium servers have the same upkeep amounts as a Full Server does without the same means of revenue. AGS should look into factoring the population of the server, on top of the active population on the server and adjust costs as needed.

Without making any adjustments this will continue to wither away their player base as it’s an impossible uphill battle.

Thoughts? Thanks for reading.

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