Taxation without Representation

The Midian server and I’m sure others, too, have been plagued by instances of governors abusing the tax system. We have experienced more than one governor hiking taxes to as much as 10% for a couple of weeks only to take the money and run to another server.

Lately they have been taking advantage of Amazon’s tax discount and raising housing taxes because “we can afford it”, which amounts to skimming off Amazon Game’s generosity. Any complaints addressing this issue in global chat are met with scorn, ridicule, and name calling.

Short of switching servers, I would like to be able to leave a settlement with unfair governance without having to forfeit the money I plunked down for a house. “Vote with my feet” as it were.

As the system stands we’re at the mercy of governors with a mercenary attitude towards the other players. This is obviously an ongoing problem with this game as many articles have been written about this phenomena.

I play games to have fun and this aspect of New World has ceased to be fun. Instead I’m finding it distressing and undermining to my faith in human nature.

Editing to add that I purchased my first house in Everfall three days ago, only to see the taxes raised fourfold in the last day or two. I had been watching the tax rates and crafting station tiers carefully, hoping to buy into a well managed settlement. Evidently I didn’t.


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