Taxes and moving houses

The market on New World is to be a player driven economy. Currently, when we get our first house at a great discount we kind of get stuck in a city. When the company in the city raises taxes we do not have a way, as players, to incentivize them to lower as just abandoning the house is a great cost and going without a house makes the game very difficult to play.

With that in mind I would like to see something were players can affect the housing market more when a company raises taxes. Easiest thing I can thing of is that you get half the value of your house if you abandon it so moving costs are much easier to take.

With all the server moves we are really starting to see how bad it can be for players when only a few hold the power to raise the tax and you can do nothing to stop it.


Totally agree - not being able to resell our homes is a very bad design. We’re like frozen in a city. It’s just nonsense.

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We definitely need to be able to sell our house, but it would have to be on a CD, or that would be abused.

Not to mention, the taxes alone in a few weeks winds up equaling what you paid for the house. So, maybe that could be looked into as well.

why would anyone buy our houses if they are available for sale for the game itself?
If you had a limited number of houses in a city this idea would make sense.
as it is, it doesn’t make any sense to buy from someone and not from the game directly.

Also as your faction in the territory increases, you get options to lower the property tax rate.

I was thinking it would be selling back to the game, not to a player.

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Correct, but the territory discount does not help a lot if the taxes go from 7% to 20 % over night.

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