Taxes are Glitched, and have robbed me

Username: Diasean
Server: Mictlan
I have a Tier 4 house in Brightwood. It’s my first house and the taxes came due today apparently. So I paid them. And now they are due again… in just under FIVE days. How is this a weekly tax?

The note when I went to buy the house talked about a 50% discount for the house and the taxes (the house purchase did get the discount, but the taxes are not being discounted?

The taxes are apparently 1600 gold for my house based on 8% according to the note when I enter city limits. I have a 23.6% discount because of my perks for the territory standing. Apparently this means I will only pay 1222 gold, which is not as nice as the 800 I was expecting. I paid via the map WHILE IN BRIGHTWOOD and it took 1600 gold. It told me I had successfully paid my property tax.

Is this a bug or an exploit: BUG

Is this some kind of joke? The taxes are larger than they should be, due too frequently AND the tax man robs me in real time?

Can we get this fixed?
Can I get my missing gold back?

As it stands, I have paid entirely too much for the “benefits” I get from the house and am strongly considering abandoning both it and this game because of these shifty financial shenanigans.

(if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: paying double tax than what is advertised, and then you robbed me on top of that.

(if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: NO

(if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:

Another related thread I found on the forums : First house discount isn’t applying to the property tax
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You got scammed by AGS.


Thank you a lot for the report. Im sorry for the situation encountered. As this is a possible bug, please post it under Bugs and Exploits - New World Forums

Please use this section to report any in-game bugs or exploits you encounter and use the following template. Our Dev team will be able to check it as soon as possible.

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Thank you in advance.