Taxes for houses and territories cost too much

Why are taxes so damn high? They’ve got us players running around like lemmings look for ways to make money just to pay our high taxes. Personally, I play this game to escape real life, not live in a worse version of it where you have to pay taxes every five days. You should only be paying property taxes monthly or every two weeks, but the fact that you have to pay it every five days makes it more equivalent to rent rather than property tax. I bought the house didn’t I? Why does it feel like I’m renting it?

And territory taxes are worse. If you’re not Windsward or Everfall you will constantly be struggling as a territory owner trying to upgrade refining and crafting stations, and paying these high taxes. Where do territory taxes even go? To the owner of Aeternum? They aren’t even going anywhere useful, is the company who holds the territory paying rent to some Azoth-infused landlord? It doesn’t make any sense. Even with the upcoming trading post update I doubt that the higher-level territories are going to make any bank due to how little they are visited by players. No one is gonna travel far-off to another territory just to post something, and no one is going to visit them to refine/craft either due to the company not being able to afford upgrades to the crafting/refining stations. This leads to an endless loop of companies not upgrading because they don’t get tax revenue, and players not coming because no upgraded stations.

Please lower all taxes significantly and make the payments more infrequent. Not everyone has the time or energy to try to make money in the game just so they can enjoy the game.


Taxes are the best system to avoid money value to going down. In WoW for example they sell really basic resources for high prices, simply because gold is meanless. Inflation, mate, they need to avoid it as much as posible.

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