Taxes reduced are the dev's finally trying to save face?

In case you didn’t see the devs are reducing taxes until Decembers content patch, see post here [Downtime] Addressing Various Issues 6:00 am PT - #3 by Tosch?

Its a weak start, hopefully AGS will stop being reactive and start being proactive about these issues. Shame it has taken this long after so many players have quit already.

Do you all feel this is enough?



Game’s in such a bad state that I’m back to WoW - which isn’t a particularly good game in it’s current state (by comparison to what it’s been in the past) but is at least stable.

Don’t think I’ll be coming back to New World after the way things have been handled since 1.1 went live, don’t think there’s a lot they could do to make me trust they know what they’re doing.

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Taxes reduced and the Town Owner get more taxes…so not only the poor are get richer, also the rich are getting more rich.

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see you in a New World Reborn. ill be jumping off soon too, probably even today. looks like the rest of my crew said “F it” yesterday, since half the time we cant even play with servers just randomly being taken down.

i was going to wait and see what new fresh hell this ‘patch’ will bring, but i think i will save myself the disappointment.

it should be a relief to the average forum crier, im sure they are tired of being proven wrong by me constantly.

Yee, was waiting to see what they do this week but it looks like they’re doubling down on this all being OK. Is what it is, frustrating but out of my hands.

Its scary this was another undocumented change that missed the original patch notes, they literally have no process in place to track whats in what version. LOL

As someone who works with devs, this honestly doesn’t surprise me.

Im so fed up with the deflation , and taxes… Im not paying them anymore and I am reucing playtime by 75%

I have enuough of taxes in real life without getting gouged in a GAME

Btw, I am the only survivor in a guild that used to house 42 players, all else have quit. and no, I dont think it is enought, nor timely…


It’s a good change.

Whether it is enough isn’t really a good question.

Does the town owners still have to pay their insane high taxes ? without the housing income ??

read the post i linked…

If companies really get the tax without the discount then this is just a HUGE incentive for them to raise it to 2%, which they did in my server, leaving us peasants with 60% discount from developers and companies with up to 400%!!! more housing tax income?

Like many have suggested in the past I think companies should NOT be allowed to withdraw coins from the town’s treasury at least not the coins from taxes or any other change to disincentivize “bad actors”.

Fair Play needs to be enforced since right now AGS is making unfair behavior from companies VERY tempting.

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