Taxes: yet another reason to allow choosing your starter zone

I’m uncomfortable that taxes can be raised so high in starter zones. As an example, on my server, purple has most of the map and took over one of the few zones that had been owned by green, which happened to be a starter zone. They immediately raised taxes to 10, 25, 3 and 3, which they’ve been for almost a week now.

I think that’s pretty unfair on new characters, especially as they have no choice in zone to start.

I think this is yet more justification for new characters to actually be able to choose which zone they start in. As part of this, they should be able to see the current factions controlling the starter zones, the current taxes, and a recent history of changes in these.

This will give players data to inform their decisions and give competing factions that manage separate starter zones incentive to keep taxes low.

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