Tax/Fee Griefing

I PvE. I’m a crafter, wrapping up my last few skills before I’m 200 across the board. I don’t duel or war, so I mostly ignore all the commotion about exploits and balance. Servers have merged before, but this last time when Themyscyra moved into Yaxche, it sparked a level of toxicity I haven’t experienced in the game. A company captures towns and maxes taxes/fees in every category. It’s made crafting too expensive to do in the volume crafters work.

I was one of two active players left in my company, but this killed the fun for me. I’ve maxed storage at my three houses with crafting materials and can’t just shove everything into a storage locker in a new town where I don’t own a house. I was sticking with the game, but this burst my bubble.


we had that happen with the first merge, i still talk to the remaining active members of my old company, waiting to hear what the second merge did. but its looking so far like its done nothing to cure the toxicity, only increase it. and now, after the second merge, they are already losing people and more are transferring with the new token.

My houses in ww and bw cost me 1.8k each, my tier 3 house in ef costs 500 in 7 days. Trade taxes of 25 percent simply kill any desire to play. When buying an item at auction for 500 coins, I pay ~625. Other taxes also do not motivate. I don’t want to pay around 6k (I ​​wanted to upgrade a house in ef to tier 4) just for houses in this game every 7 days, I don’t have the time to earn coins just to provide tax bullshit.

The things you describe are common these days and are the result of a lot of bad game design decisions.

Regions in this game are usually ruled by gold selling companies, which set these taxes just to maximize their profits. They don’t need bots, any player doing transactions or crafting acts as a bot for them.

One company has full control over the city and can block large parts of the game for other players (e.g. no city projects to upgrade stations disables crafting). Instead of reducing their privileges to participate in fort improvement projects only, the game developer decides that they need to get even more support (e.g. by making unfair rules of war) to reduce the risk of losing the city, in order to motivate them to invest in the city. The result is that they rule these regions for months and we hear that 80% of the defenders win the war - I think it’s even worse than that, because I bet they count selling regions, or giving a region to the same company in another faction as a win for the attackers.

These companies, instead of gaining small benefits (like free alchemy consumables limited for their own use only or increased storage) can tax everything and earn incredible amounts of gold, which at first just makes them incredibly powerful, and when they don’t know what to do with all that gold, turns them into gold sellers.

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I made the hard decision to leave my company and transfer off of Yaxche. I had hoped the company would reform when there was new content to draw them back, but the level of toxicity on the server was beyond my tolerance levels. New server has been a much better fit, even if I don’t know anyone there and am company-less for the moment.

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My friends and I looking at doing this as well. I can’t believe how badly it went down hill over night.

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