Taxodius Fix on the ptr

Don’t fix this.

This is actually one of the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. The fact that you have to jump over someone’s back to get a boost over a wall is such a cool mechanic even if it’s unintentional. I’d really like to see more content like this.

Maybe make official animations where you can boost a friend over a wall and stuff.

I get not wanting to kill the boss twice but man don’t remove exploratory stuff like this. First time I saw someone do it, it blew my mind. Please make intentional stuff like this.

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According to another thread about this you are a noob cheater lol

I agree with you. Stuff like this is fun and you are far from a noob if you figured it out. Little things like this and being able to build camps to the sky should be left. Why? Because people are actually having fun for once instead of mindless grinding their brains out. It’s like this game specializes in killing fun. New content? Here you go, but the servers are unplayable and you’ll get kicked out of a dungeon you paid 10k to enter so we can restart the server cuz we can’t actually fix lag/desync but we are all over nerfing the stuff u find fun.

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People are so dumb sometimes about the dumbest things. I mean have you ever got someone to help boost you over a wall in an mmo or many other games before? Like what a cool bit of team work.

The reward was you got an extra boss kill. Like omfg an extra boss kill in a game that has you kill a million of them -clutches pearls-.

There SHOULD be rewards for team work and thinking outside the box. There should be Easter eggs. There should be hidden loot that even the data miners can’t find because getting to them isn’t obvious. Like come on man.

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