Team Update Video Feedback

There was one thing that I questioned / disapproved of: Suspesion’s / Ban’s. I stand by the point and feedback I gave weeks ago, and I think that AGS is too involved and interfering for such trivial things. Everything else was a big thumbs up from me, below i’ve put a bit more detail/feedback upon some of the main topic’s :+1:

Suspension’s & Bans - Ingame Chat Violations
There are some things which should be deemed punishable, those things that are in my eyes, common sense type scenario’s like consistently targeting players with hate speech (homophobia, racism etc).

Other things that I have seen people get banned for, should on the other hand, not be taken so seriously. I along with a lot of other PvP focused players use general light hearted insults (aka ‘banter’) as a way to fuel competitive gameplay, some people may see this as a toxic culture and environment but for PvP players it’s a game style.

I think it is actually a little bit frustrating that I can’t post a little bit of ‘s**t talk’ in chat following a pvp engagement to rile up my opponents a little without worrying about being banned the next day.

If players aren’t happy with some of the things said ingame they always have the option to block, and I would personally opt more towards promoting the use of these ingame functions before hitting the ban button.

Suspension’s & Ban’s - Game Impacting (Player Focused) Violations
Someone made the point about banning people for doing things in game that affect other players experience. Unless it’s an obvious cheat/exploit I would hold off from intervening. One of the example’s given in the video was ‘throwing a war’, and I actually laughed at this. Having something so trivial and controllable (through ingame mechanic’s) as a bannable offense is imo stupid.

This is an in game activity, with different strategy and game styles, maybe my role within the game is to be an inside man, a traitor and maybe if the enemies caught on they wouldn’t invite me to their war’s and invasion’s.

Specifying this type of behaviour as punishable and controlling/dictating ingame play styles externally is just OTT, especially considering there is ways to counter and control it ingame (i.e by kicking and banning players from current/future war’s). This seems like it goes against what you said about giving players control and seeing the landscape change and playstyle evolve across servers.

Updates Speed

  • Quicker PTR patches, longer PTR :+1:
  • Slower updates :+1:
  • Less but more indepth features :+1:

Glad you have got to this point in your development lifecycle and learned from the mistakes and pressure of launch. This should reward the players with more consistent and high quality updates.

I don’t know what the PTR turnout usually is, I personally don’t play because I still have 101 things to do ingame and i’m prioritising/enjoying my time there but I do like the intent/drive.

Expedition Enhancements - Mutators
I love the sound of this, and I think it will bring some life and meaning back to expedition’s outside of expertise farming. I look forward to seeing the different modes and playstyles.

Some things to note:

  • If it’s not already on the agenda, it would be good to see a leaderboard for the expedition ranks/scores you mentioned. This has usually been quite successful on other games (like Diablo 3 Rifts), it will drive a bit more rivalry/competition.
  • I think you need to be concious about how this addition will drive different gears / playstyles, this is something you are expecting and I think it will start to overwhelm player’s. Storage and gear organisation is already at breaking point for player’s so please monitor this carefully. I know this has been requested a lot so maybe it’s a good time to start thinking about adding an equipment organising / grouping system with this update.

Weapon Changes
I’m glad you are looking at smaller less impactful changes with weapon’s, some weapon’s and their playstyles have been hit really hard lately causing players to get frustrated and even quit. I think with the help of the PTR you could have a smoother and better feedback cycle with weapon tuning. :+1:

New Weapons
Good to hear about some more of the weapon’s on the roadmap. I’m personally sad about dagger’s not yet being on the roadmap, I actually thought it made some sense, adding dagger’s and introducing a single target, high dps healing mitigation weapon. I thought to myself - it would have been nice to introduce a ‘blight’ type debuff on a dagger type weapon. You also have some cool ingame AI that would fit a dagger weapon really well like the ‘dark cloud’ some shaman’s put down, creating a great smoke screen effect.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with an introduce in the future.

Thanks for reading.

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My opinion on chat bans and bots no other game streight up deny access to the game for shit talking …its just a game things like that happen… and as you said there is mute and block…

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