Teammate Namplates

Is there a way to hide teamplate nameplates? I looked through the settings, changed my nameplate count down to 2, but I can’t seem to find a setting that hides them. I’m in tempest, trying to get headshots on isabella, but this is really all I see. I’ve included a screenshot for reference. This is something I’ve just dealt with for a really long time, but it’s a struggle sometimes.

Hello @Bumble ,

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Currently we do not have an option to disable all the nameplates, a minimum of 2 nameplates will display. However, you can try out a few more options under Settings>Game>HUD and see if this brings any positive changes for you.

For eg, I see that the “H” option is reflecting in the shared screenshot, which can be turned off by turning off social actions hotkey hint option under same settings.

You can also try to turn off extra ability cooldowns and turn on Contextual fading of HUD.

Under the accessibility section , kindly check if the text size is set to “Regular”.

I hope these suggestions help. Apart from this feel free to provide the feedback under our feedback section of forums for consideration.

We love to hear and work upon the recommendations provided by our player base for a better experience.

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