Technology/ies behind New World? / AWS involevement

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So, I’m a “long time lurker, first time poster”, except that not a lurker at all, it is however my first post, so much is true.
I was hoping that someone (possibly one of the devs themselves?) could go a little bit more into detail of “behind the scenes” of running/hosting/maintenance of New World. Why you may ask? Is it because there’s yet another annoyed lemming that wants to voice out his opinion and curse out some people? well not at all!!! Yes, a downtime in any video game especially MMO is a pain, a downtime of 5 hours? That’s eons for a lot of people. Now add additional few hours, due to well…what? I have played dozens of MMOs in my 20ish years of gaming career and correct me if I’m wrong, but I was genuinely under impression that MMORPGs in 2021 are able to carry our maintenance works without having to shut down the servers? My most recent longer episode with MMO games was my beloved Guild Wars 2, that in the beginnings (2012!!!) was shutting down servers for maintenance works and sometimes they got delayed as well, yes, but I am pretty certain that at some stage they have managed to run the game pretty much 24/7 even during maintenance works. So, now we are in 2021 and this game is being created and developed by Amazon, well funny that, cause for the past few months I have been delving deeper into nothing else but a thing called Amazon Web Services from now on referred to as AWS.

So, during my courses/lessons, all my instructors are praising AWS so much that when I am trying to connect the dots now, I AM LITERALLY FLABBERGAST, not even annoyed, or angry, just simply stoked and CONFUSED. How is it possible that the MMORPG game, created by Amazon is having so many issues with the upkeep when I am being told weekend in and weekend out, that AWS is a perfectly oiled machine that has a multitude of data centers, a MASSIVE network and hell of a infrastructure for all their customers, barely ever being down, always improving and compiling something like 300+ services, probably way more, I have barely licked the tip of the Iceberg.

Please, someone explain to me, which is it then, cause either I am being lied to with all these pictures of easily combine-able services, scalability, high availability, elasticity, orchestration, whatever else you can think of OR Amazon Games/New World is not based on their own services, which would make me go “huh?” even more I think.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not expecting anyone or anything to be perfect, but I always hated and still do when someone tries to make something look like it is, when it’s clearly not!

How can AWS claim that they have ability to run almost countless amount of compute/servers, yet when it came to launch, there were queues of thousands of people and it took good few days before they dispersed? AWS claims “GO GLOBAL IN MINUTES”…well…certainly didn’t feel like it.

All this “prioritizing” EU over US when it came to bringing back servers online…apparently if using multiple Regions AND multiple Availability Zones…there should be no prioritizing, everything should be going back to normal simultaneously is it not?

I REALLY want to try and understand how is this happening, as clearly something is off here and like I said, either I am being lied to OR New World is not using tools of their own creators…

Or maybe I am just being dumb and AWS have nothing to do with New World at all, which again, would seem strange…

Please, try to keep any jokes to minimum, I am genuinely curious and not trolling, I don’t hold any grudges and I used this down time to study more for my AWS CCP exam this weekend, but it is boggling me a lot, while I keep reading about flawlessness of AWS while waiting HOURS for the servers to come back in a game that was created by Amazon (and by default would be using AWS tools). Thank you.

The problem here is your perception that the game servers aren’t working well. They’re exceptional. No dissonance, all solved.

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