Tell me this is a joke

So… Tonight I log in, after playing every single MF day since the game went live (and before), busting my ass fighting and begging for parties day after day to do elite quests… crafting… harvesting endlessly, fighting every damn thing in front of me to finally… FINALLY get enough gold to put together a half assed decent suit of gear that averages at 598… FINALLY get to 60 to wear it… Breaking my ass day in and day out without this impossibility on a server that has less than 100 players…

And I log in to find that my new score is average 500???

WTF AGS… You seriously want me to quit? I’ll quit this fkn game in a heartbeat because of bs like this. This is the dumbest fkn thing you could of done to casual players like me. I can’t play 24 hours a day but I put in enough time to have earned my gear score for you to wank it up like this and drop me to 500!!! WTF is wrong with you people?

At this point… You can effectively ban me from this game permanently because I’m ready to burn this fkn bridge. You reward basement dwellers that can play every hour of the day when I paid the same damn money to pay off your bill for making this game, did the same fkn quests, grinded the same mobs day in and out… and because I didn’t do it enough… I don’t deserve my gear?


You can take this BS and shove it in the worst possible way in the tightest places possible!


It isn’t a joke, you just don’t get how it works.

That isn’t your gear score, that is your average expertise level. Right now that doesn’t mean anything but in a future patch your gears effectiveness will be calculated by the average of your gears score and expertise level.

I am going to guess you ignored raising watermark up till now?


No apparently I must not “get it”.

I’ve been raising WM with every level when I can afford a new piece of armor.

So how is my expertise level 500 flat when people around me are saying they’re closer to 600? That makes zero sense to me. None of this makes any sense to me.

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Buying items does not raise watermark, only getting drops does.


Want to see where this goes :slight_smile: someone who doesn’t understand the system and gets this upset is just sad.


To be fair, it is a pretty dumb and non-intuitive system that is explained nowhere but youtube videoes and third party websites.


So you’re telling us you did exactly 0 content after reaching lvl 60 and expect bis items + 590 expertise?

Bye dude, you’re no loss :joy:


Wait you’re level 60 and have been for a while and have already been grinding your wm from Lazarus/genesis to 600 and it reset down to 500?

If you only just hit lvl 60 recently then ofcourse your expertise is going to be near 500 as any new level 60 would be pre patch. That number is just the highest Gs you can expect from regular drops.

If you buy new Crafted items they will be downleveled slightly and get stronger as your expertise increases

If you acquired the items pre patch they will be just as strong as before.

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The “downgraded to match expertise” hasn’t happened yet. That will happen in a future patch “early 2022”.

Today no one is any weaker than they were yesterday, we just can see how much “expertise” farming we need to do before the next patch.


Looks like you haven’t been doing something right, I rarely pve and mine is sitting in the 560s. It sucks to suck at a game, you probably need better friends


So, you pre-purchased you’re gear before you hit level 60? You equip it, then you notice that you’re expertise level (to the left of you’re equipped gear) is showing 500?

You can’t raise your expertise/WM until you’re level 60. Your purchased gear does not make your WM go up.

You must grind it, AFTER YOU HIT LEVEL 60. If you do any of that content before 60, it does nothing for your WM.

If you still don’t understand, go to youtube


previously only enemies and areas 60 or higher dropped HWM in reading items. I’m guessing you did very little content in those araeas

HWM was always trash until the latest update. The only people who worked on that system were basement dwellers chasing numbers.

AGS being so bright made it mandatory to work on it now.


I neglected it too, but I don’t see the value in disparaging others because of the ways they choose to have fun in a game. It isn’t a good look.


Are you British? It sounds like you’re British


You can’t raise WM with purchased gear.

Oh no, please don’t worry about me, not confused at all. Just stay tuned to steam charts and you’ll see the dim light vanishing soon enough.

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serves you right for not paying attention and not doing anything to raise your watermarks.

and now you have no idea how the new system works so you’re upset

you’ve tried nothing and youre all out of ideas


crafting is content

yeah … up 30k players today … dim light indeed

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