Tell us your heroes' backstory

Instead of getting caught up in the negatives thought we might look at a positive… for some, maybe :wink:

Tell us something about your character. Do they have a backstory of some kind or a tale to be sung by bards in the taverns, brothels and other pleasure dens around the New World.

I’m an Altaholic so I have 4 different characters on different server clusters. They each have a different personality, role and specialised in different weapons and attribute.

  1. Bearwolf : A rough, untutored and simple barbarian half-caste of a native tribe. He prefers brute force and sharp iron to do his talking for him. He did, of course, join the Marauders.

  2. Dun’Raven : Youngest son of a respectable, devout God-fearing family, now fallen into disrepute. Noble and Chivalrous, he tries to follow the Knights Code but is somewhat war-weary and disillusioned by the world he finds himself in. He seeks a home where he can protect the weak and innocent while keeping to the faith. An idealist who, of course, joined the Covenant.

  3. Greymantle : A quiet, Intelligent seeker of Truth and power amongst the mysteries & relics of the past. A student of history and archaeology who travels far and wide in his exploration of this New World. He’s slow to trust but when he does, he’s a fiercely loyal friend. He joined the Syndicate.

  4. Preacher Dawn : The Elder brother to Dun’Raven but very much like his father… fiercely devout and fanatical in his faith. Seeking out Evil, Corruption & Heathens wherever he goes and roams the land, bringing the glory of God to the unenlightened. Struggling to help, but in his own way, healing or defending his comrades but often gets carried away with his strict beliefs. He also joined the Covenant.

They each wield different weapons and should fulfil different roles. It passes the time and simply add an extra bit of “something” for my own, personal fun & enjoyment. :slight_smile:

I’m interested in anyone else does something similar.

My character name is Durotan. He is a popular Orc character in World of Warcraft. He is the son of Thrall which was the Orc’s warchief. Durotan was a true warrior and he proved to everyone that not all Orcs were the bad guys. He assembled a good orc clan called Frost wolf clan and their purpose was to fight off the currupted Orcs and their leader Guldan. He always fought with Honor no matter who he faced. In the end he challenged Guldan to a 1v1 duel to show all the corrupted orcs that he is not afraid to fight against this corrupted Warlock named Guldan. He knew it was death but he fought with Honor and for Orcs freedoms.

I joined the Marauder faction because their purpose is pretty similar to how the Orcs and the Horde live their lifestyle. They fight for honor and freedom of their people.

Lok’Tar Ogar is a popular Orc saying in Orcish language meaning “VICTORY OR DEATH”

I am flagged for PvP 100% of the time and I am not afraid to challenge anyone at a duel in the open world. FOR THE HORDE!

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