Tempest Chest (Quest)

I also opened it before and i hoped it will upgrade after the update.
So no we have to be afraid to open any chest just in case theres a bug we dont know about!?
I rly hope they will compensate or repair it somehow cause this is a slap in face from them to players who like the game.


Yeah, a compensation for dedicated people who steamrolled your new content on the first day 7 times is needed.

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now all I get is gypsum orbs from the tempestuous caches. 3 in a row.
I used to get gear, another key, or mutator key, an orb… now it’s just the orb. no key, no mutator, no gear.

there is a cap of “good” items, after you reached it you only get gypsum orbs.

Same thing here. I opened the chests and trashed the gear as they were low 500 GS.

Please give us the chests back.


Now it’s called Tempestuous Cache for no reason lol… seeing how you only get gypsum from it… unless there is heavy RnG in the mix, I opened 3 in a row, just gypsum. Might wanna rename the cache to Gypsum Cache. or remove the cache altogether and just give us the orb by itself, as it doesn’t need a box/item to be opened for it when it can just BE the reward :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully this gets fixed or something…

Yes, this! Please AGS reset the quest line for these chests or let us open the chests again, so many of the invested players got 500 GS items and salvaged.


You finished the quest line thats normal.

we need new chests,fix it pls


that’s the problem, I finished it, and opened the chest not knowing there was a bug, now I’m stuck with 500-510 gear. and before the repeatable quest would give me multiple items. now it’s just gypsum. all I’m saying is I feel ripped off lol how tf was I supposed to know the cache was bugged and to not open it :expressionless:

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Now even AGS is scamming lol


Can you please at least rest the quest line or give back the chests cz we already salvage 500gs items, thanks for your time.

This is absurd. Finally a good amulet for tanks and it’s stuck at 500??? They’ve retro actively fixed items before, even replacing ones that got completely erased… the same amulet on my server could run 400k+.

I would suggest to either:

  • Have the ability to reset the quest
  • AGS to give new caches to those who already opened them before patch hit (cause I guess I’m a scrub for not knowing it was bugged)
  • Have the quests being repeatable (not just umbral)
    • whether it’s to repeat the whole chain again
    • or choose which cache you want as a reward when you finish the whole chain

Please, the gear is really good, plus for those who are under 600 it’ll guarantee them a good head start when they finally reach GS cap. Obviously I salvaged my cache gear cause I wouldn’t want a 500 when all my gear is 610+

Thanks for considering

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To add an option that someone suggested on a different topic :

  • Let the quest be repeatable infinetely, with 1 random gear as a reward. So that you don’t have a BIS corrupted set out of 1 run, so that we are not left behind for opening them while BUGGED. You would at least have to grind a few runs

The thing is we did do the runs already. Everyone that has not gets them in 7 runs. Same as those who did not open boxes. Those that have opened boxes will have to do probably 100’s of runs with that suggestion.

My husband and me were thinking that was how it was originally going to be, the first few cashes were “lower versions” of the gear to give you a taste and then the ones after would be random so you have to possibly run multiple times to get the item you want at high level. but the messed it up. then someone else “fixed” it making if that the later cashes only drop the gypsum

Yep, same boat. 600 expertise to only get 505 GS items. Hoping for a fix.

Also salvaged all the 500 GS items. This needs a fix, not right to withhold this gear because of a bug on your end.