Tempest Heart Repeatable Quest Isabella De Leon

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So when turning in the daily repeatable quest “Isabella De Leon” for Tempest’s Heart, i received 1 free tempest heart tuning orb and some great weapons and an amulet. The amulet was 580gs but the weapons were very low like 503, 502, etc… Is this intended or is this a bug. I’m asking because i want to know if i should save these chests until it gets fixed IF it is a bug. Please let me know. Oh and another question, is the free tuning orb a 1 time thing or is it once a week? How does that work. Thank you so much! The update is FREAKING AMAZING!!!

There’s already a thread about the gs stuff, the devs confirmed this is a bug and they’re looking into it.

can you link the post and thank you btw

Found it ! haha

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beautiful thank you @Rwpy You sir are a gentlemen and a scholar

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