Tempest is proof you are going in a good direction

The armor sets in Tempest are really good. However, for your next expansion I suggest the following:

Make unique items. Legendary items were nice at first, but now everyone has them. They become common and are not special anymore.

Unique items should drop from dungeon only or be crafted.

Their perks should not be found on any other items ! For instance, a Spear can have a perk like “attacks with this weapon penetrate 10% of the enemy armor” or a GA “Whirlwind will pull enemies towards you every second spin”. These perks should not be found on random drops or normal crafted items. Only on boss drops and legendary NAMED crafted items. Make them red, yellow or whatever color you want.

Armor set dropped by Neishatun is great, but it could be better. As an example, having 3 pieces will unlock a new perk , 5 pieces will unlock another perk that is made for tanks. Another set made for DPS and so on.

Here is a better idea: These items should be good, but should not be easily obtainable. To balance them between dungeon drops and crafting you can do the following:

Weapons can require 5 pieces to assemble and every piece has a small chance to drop from the last boss. As long as you have a piece you can craft the weapon with a certain amount of resources.

Armors can drop as blueprints and you need 3 blueprints to assemble each piece. Same as above for crafting.

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