Tempest Replicas Guaranteed 600

rolled 140 chests now, still haven’t gotten close to what i’m after. So this is definitely not a “cheat” to bis 600 gear.

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these can’t roll Resilient unless forced with craft mod

Honestly think it could be balanced with the restricted perk buckets if it required all of the trophys, armor pieces, and max quality materials to be guaranteed.

Looks like the Tempest materials are going for 250+ ea on my server (usually need 10 per craft) for the cheaper one. Not sure what the other is worth. People really jumping on this.

Do you remember where they commented that?

Overall great and I hope this gets expanded as sort of a catchup mechanic, good gear should be available to all players and not only everfall/ww owners.

What I’m questioning is the attribute choice of light armor (int/foc). Would be great if we could change the attributes somehow.

It is listed on the known bugs list.

AGS I emplore you to not fix this one and to consider this a happy mistake.


@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox we thought u were finally throwing us a bone and making the crafting in game a little less painful. is this not the case and actually a bug?


Looks to be that it’s a confirmed glitch for people that have not seen the news post and the replica recipe has been disabled.

Has been disabled. Of course it has. Cant have the players getting ahead in ANY WAY. Anything that slows them down though we can leave till they feel like it.


Why you gotta report stuff like this. Report some other bug or something. I’ve been wanting to craft some 600 tempest gear for a long time…


The issue is, the items just skyrocket and in the end the rich EF/WW owners end up ahead. People were selling the items for outrageous prices on the AH when I checked.

Despite this, I think this whole thing is a great jumping off point for discussion about crafting given how popular this was. Why not make the crafting material item drops BOP to prevent this from being abused. The equivalent items for the other dungeons are like 1 gold each, 30 gold each. So there is no substantial loss in profit from a run. Instead this prevents players from buying into it and abusing it.

The final gear would also remain BOP. So it doesn’t mess up the economy either. So these items don’t flood the market and instead you are rewarding crafters for training their skills. These then sets have unique perk buckets and set stats which help prevent this from being a BIS farm. Finally make it so you need legendary mats to hit guaranteed legendary instead of the bugged version needing rare mats.

Then you have a system where you may get 10-20 of the desecrated flesh/sticky vines/etc and 0-1 of the rarer ones per run. This results in 1-2 guaranteed legendaries that still require materials to make, still roll randomly (but have some user control to get something they want), and are BOP. That’s pretty reasonable given you sometimes get more legendaries in a single run anyways. Look at an M10 and your get like 7? This is only for people with maxed crafting skills, trophies, and the skill gear otherwise you hold onto them for later when you get that stuff. I think it’s a really cool way to reward running expeditions and crafters alike without breaking the system either.

Just my thoughts on the whole thing personally. Totally want full BIS gear like anyone else but also understand the game needs to be balanced as well.


I’m pretty bummed this was identified as a bug, I thought it was going to be a feature/perk for crafters.

I would love to but Corrupted Ward + Attunement gear but the issue is no one sells it.

I thought this would be my chance at snagging some with the potential of a decent third perk ( refreshing / luck / perk buff / etc )

I was also excited about rolling some corrupted bane perk weapons too. The tempest weapons look so nice, but why did the ones from the chest have to have chain lightening instead of arcane or even nature?

idk why my tempest replicas are unlearned tho i have 200 armoring and on forge tier 5

It was removed due to the glitch. They will be back for sure.

Yeah this was one of those things that really felt like it was on the line of intentional vs. a bug and I think many people were rooting for this to be real. I wonder if we can use this as a way to suggest something similar without it being too unbalanced either? I tried my idea above but that’s welcome constructive criticism or additional ideas. I’m thinking with a few tweaks we can find something that both the players and devs can agree on!


Fun detected must remove.


Can’t do the craft now.


We finally got some expedition equipment worth crafting, and you just remove it? This craft is nonthreatening to the game because the perks of the tempest replicas equipment are super limited, we can’t get perks naturally as when we crafting other kind of equipment.

The satisfy way of fixing might be requiring trophies, food buff and weaponsmith/armoring set to craft guaranteed 600 GS tempest replicas equipment.


Geez man … AGS just cant help but to keep on with the damn “Handslapping” … ffs man . After the damn bunny event it was nice to think we were thrown a bone . The fact you had to have 200 in the respective profession to even craft the stuff already put it in the category of “Hard Work Pays Off” and was justifiable with that and how small the perk pools were. This move was 100% 10 Steps Forward and 20 Steps back in 1 fell swoop, mark my words you rollback the gear people already made AGS and the fallout will be inconceivable …


its a bug they took 2 weeks to notice when there was even a video about this during ptr? I dont think it was a bug, i think it was intended but not well planned. Then they just changed their minds now saying “its a bug”. Really these king of things are really annoying. They keep on changing things in the game like they dont care who hurts, changing perks on itens people spent a lot of money on (like the void gauntlet infity chaos), etc