Tempest's Heart MUTATION WHY 6 chest? used to be 9

Reduced reward.
Previously, 9 chests could be opened for completing an expedition

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Loot in mutations needs to be dramatically overhauled especially now that they have moved the chests to the end of the mutation.

The chests should be rewarded based on the time requirements for the mutator and not normalized. In other words let’s assume the six chests is based on the 30m mutation. That is 5m per chest. The for the 40m mutations that should be 8 chests total and for a mutation like Tempest that is 60m it should be twelve chests.

On top of that now that the chests aren’t awarded unless you actually complete the expedition - the rewards inside them should be modified by the mutation finish. In other words we need a two phase scale for rewards… one that slides based on the mutation level and another than slides based on Bronze, Silver, Gold finish.

A higher mutation with a gold finish should include opportunities for rare things like legendary combat trophy components appropriate for the instance being ran. (RARE) chance.

An argument could be made that umbral shards should be scaled based on the expedition time requirement too but that is a whole nother discussion. Basically your penalized now for choosing to run the longer expeditions even more so than before.

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Even in dynasty, difficulty buffed(specially on barrels) but loot reduced. Used to be 7 chests but 6 now.
Tempest used to offer 9 chests but only 6 now.
Ennead normal also has more than 6 chests.
Now there is no reason to do longer dungeons which require more time, effort and resources.
Also, all the chests are at end of the dungeon, so basically there is no reward for running the whole dungeon and getting kicked out at last time because of server issues(which are frequent), why???
I think this has been the worst move by the team to move the chests at the end and without even bothering to arrive at a good decision to award better loot in longer and harder mutations.
I take this is to prevent possible shard selling, but it’s still going one. Better idea would be to award umbrals and chest for each named boss defeated and provide remaining shards at the end according to bronze/silver or gold.
But honestly, the loot in longer dungeons like tempest needs to be improved.


The chests at the end should be based on the timer for the mutator.

30m = 6
40m = 8
60m = 12

If you cant tune down the trash and crap in the instance to a consistent 30m run the the rewards should be commiserate with the time investment. There was no reason to cut down on the number of chests from larger instances in mutations.

I also think that the move for chests has bolstered shard sellers - something the community has a distaste for to begin with. So the legitimate people running the instances got screwed but the shard sellers get more gold and buyers get more chests when they buy shards.

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