Temporary ban over by tomorrow?

Tomorrow is 7 days from the official news about the temporary ban. Will AGS really lift the ban by tomorrow or is this just going to be extended again? There are some players who are truly innocent that got caught in this temporary ban limbo.


Extended it again


Hopefully soon, yeah the above user linked the recent post extending it.

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Hopefully. All of my friends’ bans got extended to tonight so we’ll see. Please AGS don’t extend this again, don’t kill the player base.

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The most displeasing about seeing all these posts on the forums. Is it really this time consuming to go find all these duplicated items? Aren’t these values in a Database with a reference number which would be identical.

I’m sure it takes time, but does it take 2 weeks, possibly more? No, I don’t think so.

Why is it so hard for AGS to understand that those players are not mad because of the ban but the way it’s implemented and the severe lack of communication. It’s understandable that you can’t discuss bans on the forums but you can’t do it in emails either? come on, lets get real here.

I fully hear you on that. At this point i’m starting to wonder if they just want to continue to push people away purposefully.

Am I the only one who sees these people complaining about their temporary ban being extended and think…


Enjoy your consequences for cheating and ruining an economy.

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Don’t kill the player base??? LOL LOL LOL


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Does it matter? They got to keep most the stuff anyway. Yet again when a exploit is found a small penalty is given and you reap the rewards


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