Temporary blocking for 7 days , it is unclear why , or abuse of complaints about the automatic blocking of competitors

Hello, my name is Alexander, I play on the Ravenal server, Screenshot_7
the game nickname Darik 7.10.2021 was blocked for 7 days for abusive behavior that I did not commit anything to anyone, I do not write to anyone in the chat, more than someone to insult, I admit such a situation that I became a victim of abuse complaints in order to get rid of me in the game, my gaming experience in online games is 17 years and I have not seen this yet, please help me and other people who are faced with abuse, petitions do not respond to me.
Playing at this pace I got blocked New World 2021 10 07 16 48 44 06 - YouTube


They use a autoban system
A lot of people abuse it and reporting the same player with a whole group


You don’t get a week for that though

Hello @faktor004_1,

Thanks for letting us know about this inconvenience with the report and ban system, you can proceed with an appeal by following the information in this link:


We look forward to seeing you again soon.

already filed for three days did not receive a response

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I understand, my colleagues who work reviewing appeals have a queue to review, they will soon be able to answer you.

The delay is because people are abusing the automated mechanics and they are getting flooded with reports.
People are reporting because someone mined a node before they could, for calling out stupidity in faction chat … basically petty BS.
The system is bad but the people abusing it are worse.


Yeah, I got a 3 day ban for “disruptive behavior”. I didn’t get a response until 12 hours after my ban had lifted so good luck.


it 's absurd, because of the slander in my direction, I 'm sitting and waiting for them to respond to me in support and what will happen to those people who have slandered me ? will they get away with it?

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I understand your frustration because you want to play and you still don’t get a response, you will soon receive an answer. With regard to the players who made the reports, our internal teams review every in-game report manually, no part of the process is automated or uses bots in any way.
Right now I do not have the information or knowledge if any kind of sanction will be created for this type of behavior, when we have more information we will publish it.


Does that not tell you that something is wrong with your banning system? The fact you have appeal queues… your appeals system IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Average ban 24 hours. Average appeal response 24-48 hours. How is that acceptable? Never in 12 years of gaming let alone MMOs have I seen such a poor ban system. You’re totaltarian approach is deeply disturbing as is your misinformation about the banning system. I have personally contacted the CEO and Managing Directors offices of Amazon US, UK and Amazon Games alongside making and paying for a Subject Access Request and Freedom of Information request relating to your banning process and policies as well as the unjustified actions in banning innocent people like myself. I speak in this tone having been contacted by the CEO’s office to apologise for being banned and I had my ban overturned. An investigation is underway into my complaint and I suggest EVERYONE does the same. Simply Google the CEO and MD emails for UK/US and Amazon Games. Make a complaint. Don’t stand for this.


for them, this is business, sports interest has already been lost, four days have been lost, and support is silent, I’ve been waiting for the game to be released for two years, preparation, I even took a vacation at my own expense and can’t participate in the race because of abuse and inaction of support and template answers on the forum that don’t even try to help

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I honestly would not know if there is anything wrong or broken with the ban system, I know that it is reviewed by a group of people report by report. In case a ban is created incorrectly, there is the appeal system, I also understand that a quick response is not being provided for appeals, however I am sure that hard work will be done to improve with the appeals process.

But your team and Amazon strongly defend it. In the history of MMO’s there has never been such a shocking volume of bans you are killing your own games playerbase. No one with an ounce of common sense believes you or your teams comments and you are damning the relations between your company and your customers.

Until you start evidencing when banned why the player has been banned and fix your flawed appeals process this unrest will continue.

I believe you are on the edge of unrecoverable damage as this is now making news on main stream websites and news providers. I for one hope someone can make a proper legal challenge against this shambolic behaviour and handling of this issue.

You should all honestly be ashamed. The lack of care is astounding.


OMG, a stereotypical answer, a specific example of my “terrible vision” just the answer ctrl + c ctrl + v continue, I don’t write anything in the chat, I play mobs, probably my face didn’t work out and scared someone
five days of waiting for a response from the support team


contact Steve T., I give permission to publish personal information, provide chat logs, did I offend someone in the game?
do we usually need proof or do we take everyone’s word for it?

You do the crime, you do the time.

You need to have AMAZON change there policy or RE EVALUATE the human people banning the players.
My friend got banned yesterday for stealing somebody’s starmetal vein, my friend was mining and a different player was also, they were both racing to the starmetal vein and my friend got it, the other player started Announcing in GLOBAL CHAT to report my friend a cheater, he did not say why he just kept announcing for 30 minutes this person” Name” is a cheater report him. And my friend only beat him to STARMETAL VEIN, FIX YOUR AMAZON HUMAN TEAM BANNING PEOPLE!!!
FIX THIS!!! My friend got banned for stealing a VEIN, ARE YOU FRICKING SERIOUS! Amazon you guys are pissing people off.
I would be so angry if I got banned for stealing a vein from somebody else, this is bullcrap, Reporting system is being abused!!!


Players should not have to worry about being banned from false Abusing reporting in game, this is RIDICULOUS!!! Players are now getting banned just for stealing somebody else’s veins, you guys are a joke, don’t tell me that there is no auto banning bot system, that is NOT TRUE, there is a AUTO BOT BANNING SYSTEM!! PROOF!!!

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