Temporary Fix to OPR until you add cross-play

Only allow duo queue.


What would this fix exactly

5 man stacks.

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And cross-play is also somehow related to 5 man stacks? I’m not sure what the tie in is there. Just curious.

This is clearly a well thought out plan

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It reduces the imbalance created by a premade group of GS625 players with comms dominating a match.

I have player OPR matches where it is 20 vs 120 kills. That needs to change.

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Cross play can allow them to properly balance OPR. An MMR system, certain amount of healer slots, melee slots, ranged slots for example. Completely impossible right now.

5 man stacks with the right RNG can turn into 10 man stacks.

Duo queue limits the possibility of mass company stacked opr’s.

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Ags already said, they had no plans for role que in opr. Your duo idea would fix nothing, 2 players can hard carry an opr. The main problem with opr, is there is a huge influx of new and returning players that don’t know how to pvp at a high level. The skill gap between those players and pvp vets is extremely large. 2-5 players can hard carry an opr.


Yes, but if you don’t allow large group queueing then it is far less likely that the 5 people who can hard carry an OPR will all end up on the same team.

Like I said 2 people can hard carry an opr. The amount of times me and my buddie have spawn camped 10 plus people in opr over the past few months is laughable. If we had a pocket healer, we would almost never die. 5 man’s aren’t the problem , it’s the skill difference in players that hinders almost every opr.

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For every case where 2 people are so highly skilled that they can carry a match, there are 20x as many people capable of doing so in a 5-man. So it would greatly reduce the incidences were a game is highly imbalanced. It would improve the situation, and your argument that it wouldn’t solve it 100% of the time is irrelevant.

Get better. Simple solution. I solo or duo Que 100 percent of the time. I could careless if a 5 man is on the other team. I’ll just go back cap and hard farm there team and force them to come to me. That way my team can retake the map. It works all the time. Sometimes it doesn’t but like 70 percent of the time it does.

Like stark said, Im glad you’re one of the best players in the game and can solo dominate an OPR. But as a tentative fix, removing 5 man queue might help prevent some of the landslide OPR’s that consistently seem to occur.

‘Get better’ is the most idiotic statement you could make in a discussion about balancing a 20 vs 20 match.

Just because you have a massive overestimation of your abilities doesn’t change the fact that when 20 people are involved, matchmaking is far more important than the actions of a single person. And even if you are as good as you think, not everyone can be a top 1% player. In fact, only 1% of people can be.

people like to play with mates, horrible idea

opr is a casual mode dude, people like playing with mates in groups.

people also dislike massively imbalanced boring OPR’s. not a permanent or ideal solution, but a simple one that might help improve the state of OPR.

Stop being so closed minded.

Just because you play it casual doesn’t mean others do, hence MMR is needed.

OPR is not casual mode, it is the primary source of PvP in the game.

Openworld PvP is a joke.
Wars are infrequent and exclusive.
3v3 arena is far too small scale for most builds and gets boring fast.

I’m not being closed minded you want friends/guilds to not be able to play together because you have none, thats your problem no one elses and it can easily be fixed by you. Until there is enough players for a sperate ranked queue opr is a casual pub stomping mode, this is a thing across all pvp games is just the way it is.

New World should only add MMR/Ranked playlists after cross server is introduced, then more competitive stacks with transition. Until then just get some mates of your own, or play a build that handles solo play well musket/assassin.