Temporary Fix to OPR until you add cross-play

Not allowing people to play with friends is the most idiotic thing to say. Getting better as players is the best solution. And I’m not the best player around.

“Hello AGS, I am not good enough to deal with these players in opr dominating. Can you please make it so they can’t play together so I can have a fighting chance.”

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opr is 100% casual

Fine, define what you mean by casual.
Second, explain why that means balance is unimportant.

One person backcapping can jank an entire OPR, 5 mans or no.

@Halcyon can explain very well lol.

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Casual since everyone going into OPR is not in a competitive mindset, they are there to have fun. Sure some are there to be sweatlords me included. But we are the minority compared to the casual majority that just enjoys the mode with mates. If you get what I mean.

Heck I hate playing against the occasional stack myself, but not letting people play with each other is a bad idea. I think New World is an MMO where social play shines, unlike Lost Ark for example which is a much more solo oriented MMO.

I’ll be honest, i run m10’s with my company and i PVP with my company. If they made it where you can’t que for OPR with your team like that we wouldn’t go.

that’s probably the same for a very large number of people.

I don’t know how else to put it i guess.


That’s not even remotely true.

Not being a sweaty doesn’t mean you aren’t competitive. Even casuals hate imbalanced games.

You better hope that they implement cross-server OPR with proper matchmaking very soon, because your desire to play with your friends at the expense of a diminishing player base is hurting the game. Nothing causes players to quit faster than a few matches of getting steamrolled then spawn farmed.

Why hope? Do we really think AGS is going to deliver on a cross server opr system that has a good match making system? They couldn’t even deliver a decent group finder. The grouper finder we got has been the worst one I’ve ever seen in 10 years of mmo gaming. I’ll be surprised if our characters don’t get lost in the void between servers when we accept a Que pop when cross server goes live. I highly doubt the won’t be laggy af too. Probably will be a clown fiesta.


Can’t argue with that.

Yikes, you seem pretty upset calm down dude. I have plenty of friends to play with. My interests aren’t as selfish as yours and more about the health of the game. You might enjoy stomping people with your 5 man team in OPR, but I can assure you the other 35 people are probably not having a good time and would prefer a more balance, intense game.

The group finder is fine tbh, only thing I would prefer is if it was accessible in the menu UI rather than having to manually click the dungeon on the map.

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True but also look at it from the other perspective, you add forced queues of up to 2 and now a bunch of people won’t play the mode at all increasing matchmaking times.

This and I think all the dungeons in one tab is what they are planning to do right? god knows when that will be released though lol.

I mean, yea, there are no good choices in the current system.

Personally I think launching the game without OPR already being cross-server was one of the dumbest things they could have done. Doubly so because of the small server size.

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Just quickly give us cross server OPR and not waste time doing and planning all these short term fix

this is the big brain room temp IQ take we’ve been waiting for.

They need to revamp the entire queue system for this to happen.

I joined an OPR and they had 10 melee on one side and 10 dex on the other with maybe one melee. It would have been a healthy OPR if it was 5/5 melee and 5/5 dex.

Of course, the melee won because dex can’t cap a fort but it was a dreadful win.

Queueing in as a specific roll can fix this but that requires an entirely new system to be built.

A system similar to that has to be implemented any ways once cross-server is in place.

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