Temporary group fill for OPR

I play a level 60 pure healer (lifestaff/void gauntlet, used to be lifestaff/ice gauntlet) and I play ALOT of Outpost Rush. I know there are alot more urgent issues at hand but have a small QoL suggestion for Outpost Rush:


  • Enable temporary group filling if a < 5/5 group queues and enters an Outpost Rush.


  • Due to two of my lifestaffs abilities only auto targeting through my own group, it proves a disadvantage for me to group up with other players for an Outpost Rush. Anything less than a full 5/5 group reduces my ease of healing. Currently if I want to play with a friend, we queue and get in as a 2/5 group, our group doesn’t fill to 5/5 and I lose QoL.

Bugs relevant to this issue:

  • Chat bug (After exiting an OPR sometimes you can’t post in Global, Recruitment or Faction chat channels, both Area chat and Group chat still work as intended), this aggravates this issue by making it impossible to fill a group manually without relogging every single OPR that you exit.

Sorry for the wall of text, appreciate your time.

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