Tents Are Bugged, One Tier Lower

Tents are bugged on the Mryydin Server (fresh start).

Edit: I’m being told in game that I prolly did the quest but the tent is bugged out (stuck on T3). I’ll attempt the T5 quest and report back.

Edit 2: Completed the T5 tent quest. Now my tent is a T4. I can only craft T4 items. Edited title to match the problem.

I am having the same issue.

Welcome to the New World forum community, CozyPenguin. What is your character name and server name?

This is correct! However, knowing what characters are having this issue helps the team look into it.

Every character ever made on Fresh Start. Does that help narrow it down a little?


I’m deeply saddened to see that there’s no fix for this in tonights update.

While I cannot promise a definitive date for the fix, the team is looking into this.

I did all of Everfall quests and was going to start the Monarch bluff ones to see if i could get the camp tier 2 until I read this, all fresh chars have this issue please fix it asap cause I lost the whoe day doing low level quests to unlock that thing.

But in the updates for this downtime it says its getting fixed so yes there is a date. Whatever was done if anything at all about it failed, and was not tested properly clearly.

" * Fixed an issue that made players unable to progress past Camp Tier 2."

Oh yes I am also still experiencing this issue.

The patch with this fix was after your initial post so hopefully you’re good to go, but let us know if it’s still an issue!


Thank you.

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The issue has been resolved for me on Camelot Server, Hope it is for you all too.

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