Territories thoughts and questions

I’m not sure I completely understand the idea behind owning a territory?

The previous owners get to choose town taxes, upgrade directions, and overall run the town.

However, it’s the previous owners that drive the towns crafting upgrades. So how is it fair if the previous owner spends resources upgrading, gets over thrown by another fraction, that takes over and just collects the money?

To me, it would be better to just take over, harvest money for as long as possible, then dump the town?

Am I missing the point?

Key word. It’s not fair. Conflict isn’t fair. War isn’t fair. Nor should it be (in this case anyway).

The upgrades belong to and are a benefit to everyone on the server. If any upgrade is done, it’s done not so much altruistically but to attract more people to the town you’re in control of, meaning more money. And clout.

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