Territory Cards update plz

Hey, i know you have something in the works for all the azoth related travels and down the line you’ll change the forts to do something else instead of reducing the already cheap azoth costs down further, but we need a little something else in a future update

with housing tax hitting rock bottom (not complaining btw, i absolutely love it) those of us who are high in territory points and have invested everything we could into housing tax reduction… well we’re getting a little fudged (again i LIKE the housing tax changes, our getting fudged is just an unavoidable byproduct) so if you could do something in that regard, maybe give us all a full reset, or change it to something that benefits us a little more, maybe even just make it reduce the cost of a house. (so if u level up the current housing tax, and you want to buy a new house of higher tier, u can get it cheaper cause of your cards. or if u want to move to a different house, it’s cheaper ect) that one isn’t the best option, but it’s still a good choice

next… the XP card. now i know that one is avoided like the plague but can we get it altered? like it affects player XP and say… gathering XP? even if as a byproduct you have to slightly increase aptitude xp requirements for gathering, it still would be a great boon for people leveling mining or logging (i know that’s getting reduced but this could be another option)

plz consider these recommendations, tyvm ^.^ @Luxendra @Kay

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I was going to open the same thread.

Agree with you. Based on the OLD SYSTEM (changing tomorrow) I put all possible points in house taxes reduction, that now is going to be 0.01% or 1%.

As the system has been changed (for good) we now need a reset (or refund) of those points so we give them a better use.


Same thing happened at the beginning when gather speed gave us yield instead. So a lot of people dedicated points there and gathering speed is absolutely useless. So there’s more than one reason we need a card reset. We didn’t get one back then but hopefully we can get one now.

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a full card reset slightly worries me. what if they reset the cards and we bug out our current houses? (it’s all dependant on cards) i mean i’m sure it’s fixable but yea the whole card system needs an overhaul.

Some great ideas. I really like the tweak to XP card as well.

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yea, post 60 the card is completely useless… I mean it’s impossible for it to add any real benefit while your leveling either. just a waste of an option.

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