Territory Control Over Time

I may be in the minority, but I don’t currently see much of an issue with the wealth distribution in the territories as it currently stands. If the playerbase wants to congregate in a specific territory, the taxes collected there should be reflective of that server’s collective decision to do business the way they do. I really enjoy the basics of the server economy system and believe it is a refreshing twist on your normal MMO formula.

That being said, it’s glaringly obvious that most servers are suffering from the same issue of one dominant faction, spearheaded by a large, successful company that controls the premier territories. While those companies do deserve credit for their accomplishments, I do think that this current system is detrimental to the ongoing health of the game.

As it stands now, companies with control only become stronger over time, due to their ability to purchase better equipment and consequently recruit the best players, and the competition gap widens. This causes stagnation for the majority of the playerbase, which just isn’t fun.

Territories need to become more challenging to hold over time. I don’t have the exact answers for how to do this, but it’s pretty clear the war system alone isn’t successful enough in presenting a challenge to the biggest and richest companies.

Maybe the territory should become more expensive to own week-after-week. Maybe, the longer a territory is controlled by one company, the difficulty level of corruption invasions becomes greater, and the penalties for losing those invasions become greater. I hesitate to suggest adding buffs or nerfs to war parties because I know everyone loves the idea of fair competition, but maybe it is something worth considering as well? These are just a few ideas - maybe others will have more.

TL;DR - It’s too easy for companies to hold territory indefinitely. Make territory control gradually more challenging over time through game mechanics. This would be good for the overall health of the game.

I’m just wondering why companies sit on everfall / windward if they have their own territories… Than cry about gold distribution.

No complaints here. It’s a player driven economy for a reason.

Let’s just make it more challenging for these big companies/factions to monopolize the map indefinitely. It’s really not fun for anyone.

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