Territory expropriation by server merging RNG, a poor decision by AGS's

This post tries to go over one of AGS’s hardest questions they’ve had to face yet, "what happens to territories when we merge servers, especially if 2 corporations of the same faction own the same territory when merging?"

World Y vs World X keeping territories, is unbelievably the worst decision I’ve seen by AGS for developments after launch. 1 server by RNG just loses all of their territories, progression, pride of ownership, just because their server by RNG isn’t the host server being merged into.

For example, on Orun US East, our corporation has held Ebonscale from the very beginning, and being the only territory to not to lose a war and transfer hands. I imagine the dry taxation in outskirt territories is the same on other servers as mine, meaning we’ve never turned a profit on our territory to this date, upgrading the important defenses to max, and upgrading the majority of the life skill stations with our own individual money that has been donated by corporation members, due to a lack of taxation in the region, to then have to pay weekly upkeep by more corporation donations.

For AGS to come and select random servers to be merged into another, essential by expropriation take territories away from players who’ve either have defended it from wars, or by winning the territory by a successful war, is a terrible decision from AGS which will negatively impact essentially almost half their remaining player base. Compared to the other alterative choices they had to solve the merger question stated above.

For example: In return, for Windsward or Everfall, admitted by AGS them self, as the “tax haven on all regions”, which earn north of 500K per week, you get a WHOPPING $50,000 towards the corporation losing the territory by merger RNG. That’s the worst trade deal ever. Moreover, and in my opinion, worse than the example of Windsward or Everfall, is if you own a less lucrative territory that has low income, in which case the corporation and its members have invested their own hard earned money to upgrade the territory for the hopes of tax income, and the betterment of their server community, will now lose all of their investment for a return of $50k, again “worst trade deal ever”.

Lastly, paying the coin equivalent of 3.3x the cost war to the corporation whose losing the territory is also unfair in the sense that defenders have advantage, a significant advantage, this is supported by AGS’s own developer blog post, that defenders win the “majority” of wars. So by RNG, 1 corporation keeps the territory and “significant defenders advantage”, along with tall the territory benefits. The loser corporation gets $50,000 PERIOD.

I understand that New World needs server merges, and I even said to my friends last week when they were begging for server transfers, that the reason why we haven’t gotten them is AGS hasn’t answered the question of “how do we deal with 2 corporations perhaps even the same faction owning a territory when we merge servers?”. This is a very difficult question, and really I don’t think there is a 100% right answer. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t 100% bad answers, and I think that AGS’s approach to the server merge question of 2 corporations owning the same territory is to pay off the loser for $50,000 is close to that 100% bad answer.

Although PTR is running, and they’re already “testing server merging technology” on the PTR already, I’m hopping a community member, or developer will read this post and at least consider it in a internal meeting before the server merges come through.

My solution to the really difficult problem of “how do you merge 2 servers when 2 different corporations own the same territory, and perhaps those corporations are apart of the same faction?” is to merge the server, immediately throwing each region into war with the incoming server corporations being merged there, REGARDLESS of factions, meaning 1 time unique wars such as purple v purple, green v green, and yellow v yellow, could arise. These wars should all take place spread out over 72 hours, allowing for the player base of each server, both host and incoming server, to plan for each event. Rather than spreading out the player base over several different events at the same time. One of the CORE features of the game according to AGS, is the ability to wage and fight wars for territory, so why are we essentially having AGS expropriate corporations territory by RNG chance. LET CORPORATIONS FIGHT FOR IT.

I understand that coding this would probably take longer and be more difficult than just expropriating corporations territories for $50k, but by expropriating territories, you’re pissing off essentially half your player base by giving them a unbelievably low return or even a NEGATIVE return on their investment.

TLDR: Paying $50k to corporations who lost their territories by RNG server merge and AGS expropriation is a bad decision. Instead, let incoming server and the host server fight for their territories, spread out the events over 72 hours so the player base can properly prepare.

Edit: Maybe a solution could also be both fighting for the territory, while also the loser gets $50,000, rather than a weaker server being absorbed getting crushed in a war. The loser can still have be reimbursed in some way, while also having the opportunity to fight for it.


We’ve been underdogs since day 0 but after the announcement of merging big coops starting to run over our settlement backing up small coops just so that they can get the price of owning a land when the merge started , that is totally unfair since we invested alot on that settlement just to get nothing after the merge .

Server merges=queues and once again new world’s and transfers
I doubt AGS wants to full circle again.

Server merges are actually very easy if AGS completely removes all player influence over Settlements.
Player influence over settlements causes a lot of problems and opens a lot of avenues for exploiting and griefing. Removing player influence over settlements not only solves a lot of problems but introduces new opportunities for better gameplay and server viability.
Zero need for manual arbitration of which server gets merged with which ones. Just put any two together.

Totally agree: Pay 100,000 to claim a territory and if your server is merged, get a half price consolation prize of 50K is totally disrespectful.

ALSO, If you happen to not be in the Owning Company, but you spent time grinding out resources to help build upgrades and upkeep, you get a paltry 0 gold as compensation and get merged to a server with a random amount of upgrades.

I feel the merges in the current proposed state don’t pay enough respect to the players sweat equity.

I think that your solution is a good solution. That said I think that the time it would take to code something like that makes it a non-viable solution. Taking the time to program that interaction and test it for a one time event is a poor use of labor hours. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. Additionally, the health of the game desperately depends on server merges right now. Getting it done the fastest way possible should be priority. I wouldn’t sacrifice the health of the game just so some rich companies don’t lose their cash cow.

On low pop servers with lopsided faction representation there are entire factions of companies that don’t even have a chance at owning a territory at all. For the companies that lose territory, you’ll get 3 free wars essentially and the game isn’t over. There will still be more opportunities to take a territory.

I also just wanted to point out that AGS isn’t randomly selecting servers to merge by RNG. Here’s what the post said:

Once we’ve identified a world as a candidate for merge, we compare it to the existing worlds by reviewing elements like faction representation and overall population in the set to find the most optimal partner world. While we cannot guarantee exact matches, we make every attempt to choose worlds for merge that are complementary.

Anyway, good idea. It’s too bad that some people will lose ownership but there will be opportunities to own territories in the future too. Be grateful for the opportunity that you had, be happy for the improved population and health of the game. Keep perspective that the situation for other factions and companies are currently a lot worse off right now than a hypothetical company booted out of WW or EF due to the server merge.

I say if you are doing merges just make it like a new world and everyone fights for territory. problem solved for the cry babies about 50k and these companies on dead servers taking over the whole map just to get 50k per ownership.

the game has given you the possibility to farm your gold, and there are players who abused the gold dupe, I think it is quite fair that they restart everything and there is no compensation for anyone … fair game. - Also, many people talk about this, but I remind them that there are many dead servers and people controlling the entire map, are you thinking of giving 50k for each territory, to a group of children who stayed on one server until the end? seriously?

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