Territory influence - Desperately wanting this to be heard

Territory influence pushing is a chore that me, my whole company, every friend in other companies and their friends DREAD, hate, and passionately avoid when possible

I would love this to at least be heard by the devs / dear community managers, please ?

Its just running simulator for hours, I dont think changing the quests works either, maybe it could be implemented to the smaller-scale war version the devs were planning of ?

The declaration - influence pushing system in totality is extremely extremely boring, its not pvp


This really depends on the server, and whether the opposing owner/faction is willing to counter push their territory.

In theory, when it’s working correctly, any time someone pushes influence the opposing faction will dogpile and attempt to thwart the effort. Resulting in delicious pvp with anger sauce.

But on some servers they don’t do this at all, and it’s just a bunch of people running in lines. That’s pretty not cool when it’s like that :c

What if…

You could declare war on a company BEFORE the influence push. Basically you throw the zone into conflict (and this would have events and open world PvP) and then you earn the right to push to a full, final war.

The main reason that I don’t see people defend against a push is that town owning company leaders are in the same boat as other company leaders when it comes to providing for their players.

They have a company full of players, a good number of which want to play in war content, and the only way to get that for your people is to make sure wars happen.

On offense, that means you incentivize your players going out and pushing multiple days a week to provide declare opportunities and get War slots you can put them in. You might give gold payouts from the company treasury to those who go run hours of influence or show up during specific push times.

If you already hold a territory, you get a free defense 50 slots per territory to get your people War content.

War is an exclusive bit of content with a limited supply, so it’s in everyone’s best interests to not defend pushes and lower the total amount of wars, and instead to just defend effectively in wars.

The only groups I see making a concerted counter-influence-push are those that got their town through diplomacy and outright purchase. They aren’t capable of keeping it by defensive war (or don’t think they are) so they try to prevent war.

The rest of us are just happy another War is happening and 100 slots are available.

We might go counterpush to control the declare timing, but not to prevent war outright.

Lol. The solution to this is simple: stop slotting people who only war log.

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Its really just this and the occasion pile o EXP you can get.

Only people that push influence should be able to have a chance to go to WAR … Only Faction that push to WAR can go to WAR …

Defenders Only Faction can go to WAR. Stop with Intermingling Factions for WAR and Invasion, if they have not enough people, it s on them … make people wanting to reunite as a Faction and do something together !

System chose which one is going to WAR and there is no way to kick someone for someone else.

That s lot of Job AGS !

I just really wish this activity wasnt something so dreadful,

I dont know if this will reach out to devs / community managers but if they could please try running Mourningdale influence, Im sure they can recreate this dreadful boring activity that really needs to be revamped

they wont.

god its the worst one. it might be faster to cycle through the missions for the fort one only every 5 minutes.

it takes almost 10 minute to do the two up in the north anyway.